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  • Excellent site.
  • $430,000 in exclusive monthly promotions - rake races, freerolls, gadget giveaways.
  • Huge list of poker rooms supported.
  • Winner of best poker affiliate at CAP 2008 & 2009 - the affiliate representative body.
  • Best customer support in the industry.
  • Wide range of poker strategy articles available for free.
  • Newsletter updating all members of all new added value promos across all rooms.


  • Has paid out over $46 milion in rakeback so far!!!
  • Highest rakeback rates at all networks – up to 60%.
  • Recommended by professionals.
  • Regular newsletter to all members with updated promotion details.
  • Huge added value promotions available across all rooms; rake races (seats to WSOP), cash rake races, gadget giveaways.
  • Over 80,000 player accounts.
  • Online Rake Tracking system.


  • Experts in the rakeback industry - "around since the beginning..."
  • Wide range of rooms supported.
  • Users can cash out their rakeback to any poker room; does not have to be the room you already have an account on.
  • Good Refer a Friend scheme - can earn a share of the ongoing rake revenues from all referrals.


  • Easy to navigate - simple, easy to use site.
  • Added-value rake races / leader boards - offering cash prizes every month.
  • Offers Deuces Cracked poker training videos to new customers - dependent on their level of rake earnings.
  • Trustworthy site


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Excellent rake races across all sites - both cash and WSOP races.
  • Excellent in-depth poker room reviews - particularly, site of the month review articles.
  • Multi-lingual site.


  • Wide range of rooms supported.
  • Free monthly membership to Stox Poker training site - dependent on generating certain amount of rake.
  • Offers attractive Refer-a-Friend program, a choice of either a once-off cash payment or an ongoing revenue share.
  • Offers up to date rakeback news - e.g. changes to room rules etc


  • Excellent look and feel. Easy to navigate.
  • Constantly updated rakeback news - alerting users to all new added-value promos.
  • Gadget giveaways - exclusive to rakerebate customers.
  • Refer a Friend program - earn cash for each player you refer.


  • Wide range of rooms supported with top levels of rakeback available
  • Extra added-value incentives - in trips to major sporting events, e.g. Champions League
  • Rake Races - big cash giveaways, WSOP trips, 10% extra rakeback.


  • Wide selection of European and US facing poker rooms.
  • Links to multiple additional bonus offers.
  • Huge monthly freerolls for all members.


  • Top levels of rakeback offered.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • 24/7 support .
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  • Wide range of rooms supported.
  • Unique value added promos – e.g. gadget giveaways, deposit bonuses.
  • Easy to navigate site.
  • Exclusive once-off deals, e.g., free cash on new sites to first X number of players.


  • Bonuses available on sites that do not even offer rakeback.
  • Regularly updated poker rakeback news.
  • Excellent list of poker room promos specific to each site.


  • Good range of rooms supported – including some lesser known rooms, e.g., Sun Poker, Carbon Poker, Players Only Poker
  • Very Generous Refer-a-Friend scheme – offering relatively high levels of revenue share.
  • Gadget giveaways, e.g., iPods
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • EXCELLENT in-depth room reviews.
  • Generous added-value rake races, €10K giveaways, etc.
  • Leader boards - rake races
  • 24/7 customer service. Live support.


  • Wide selection of poker rooms supported – some unusual ones, too .
  • Multiple value-added promos, e.g., $30,000 rake race, monthly $10K rake races, etc.
  • Easy to use multi-lingual site.


  • Concise site reviews.
  • Offers some deposit bonus rooms.
  • Easy account monitoring.

  • European and US-eligible poker rooms supported with highest levels of rakeback offered.
  • Multiple added value promos, tournament ticket giveaways, cash freerolls, rake races.
  • Multi-lingual.


  • Well-designed, easy to navigate site.
  • Highest refer-a-friend scheme offered online – excellent for users
  • Rapid email support .

  • Highly popular rakeback site - over 30,000 members so far!
  • Highly active poker forum covering all topics.


  • Wide variety of rooms and bonuses for most of them.
  • Good value promotions - e.g. rake races, tickets to live events.


  • Wide variety of unique sites available, e.g., Boss Media, Prima, B2B and Cake rooms.
  • Wide variety of accompanying high value sign up bonuses.


  • 60%+ rakeback available from some rooms!
  • Extremely easy to use and manage accounts.

  • Early rakeback pioneer
  • Up to 135% Rakeback
  • Exclusive promotions, sponsorships and bounties


  • Trustworthy and reliable service
  • Full-time dedicated support
  • Extensive referral program
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