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Date Posted: July 9th, 2011 (8:36pm)

Kicking off Day 1C was Annie Duke, the lady from Cupcake Wars who made a 1,000 cupcake display and the hilarious duo of Ray Romano and Brad Garrett. As they were keeping to the cupcake theme, Ray piped in that cupcake is his favorite stripper at the Crazy Horse. Brad kept his table and section in hilarity by imitating the iconic deep gravely voiced “Redbull” server who wanders the Amazon.


Last year’s Main Event winner, Jonathan Duhamel, is at the “mothership” featured table and was quoted by Jack Effel as saying to all competitors to “come and get you some.”


One young player with a training site patch on was making the most of his down time by watching a four tabling poker video on his iPad in between hands.


Two guys in the Pavilion room were seen wearing cow outfits as part a promotion or lost prop bet for a poker information site. One of the cow outfitted players was at Shane Schleger’s table who was off to a fast start. It was nice to formally meet Shane, as we had corresponded online and Twitter previously, and I had tried to recruit the personable pro in the early days of PokerCurious. His cow outfitted table-mate didn’t fare as well and busted in the second level on a classic Q’s vs. A,K confrontation.


On the celebrity front, the Celtic’s Paul Pierce is playing today along with Mr. Elizabeth Hurley (aka Shane Warne), boxer Jeff Fenech, Norway's ski star Petter Northug. Daniel Negreanu is attracting his usual large crowd, especially since he’s located at a table next to the rail. Karina Jett, who finished runner-up in last week’s Ladies Event is playing today and looking close to term in her pregnancy, but hoping for an uninterrupted deep run.


Shaun Deeb’s grandma is playing the Main Event for the very first time, she is 91 and was just announced on the loudspeakers as the oldest entrant saying “you’re all playing for second.” Just before the second break, she busted. It was said that Gramma Deeb got someone to fold a full house before busting with two pair versus a set. On a fun aside, she was patched up with a PokerTracker logo.


After weeks of downplaying alcohol in the tournament area, yesterday the WSOP started an oficial Mill Lite beer concession stand by “the mothership” but when initial sales were quite slack, the WSOP staff has been replaced by “Miller Lite girls.”


During the first level of Day 1C it was announced that the overall 2011 World Series of Poker is the largest in history. Although players are still registering through the end of level 2, the numbers for Day 1C look to be between 2100 and 2200. With over twice as many players today, it wasn’t surprised to see not one, but two surgical masks in use today doubling yesterday’s number.


There were 616 (63%) who advanced to Day 2B from Day 1B, with Ben Lamb falling a bit at the end to 188,925 but still good for that day’s chip lead. Berger from Day 1A had 209k.


One media member just came in soaked from the parking lot walk in from his car, complaining that it has rained four out of the last give days in Vegas. A rarity for this desert city.


We are now at the second break of the day with one more two hour level until the dinner break.

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