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Date Posted: December 10th, 2010 (6:55pm)

In the grand spectrum of life, a decade isn't that long. But a lot of things can happen in ten years.

Back in 1999, Senator Harry Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal "Anyone who gambles on the Internet should go see a psychiatrist. How in the world anyone could think they can guarantee a fair game on the Internet is beyond my ability to comprehend.

In late 2010, Majority Leader Harry Reid has become the latest champion of legalizing and legislating online poker. He is negotiating with all the various lobby groups to address the myriad of considerations.

The goals, whether it was Reid of 1999 or Reid of 2010, are timeless; ensuring a fair game, protecting the vulnerable minority, and having the local community and government profit from its players playing the game.

In 2000, WSOP Main Event final hand...  (sorry, vid/link insertion isn't working)

In 2009, WSOP Main Event final heads up play...  (sorry, vid/link insertion isn't working)

While production values have improved, the keys to effective presentation remain timeless. Share the pertinent the information, build up and express the emotion, and deliver some relevant insight regarding the game and its personalities through commentary and interviews.

A decade ago I was a 33 year old father of two kids under 3. Parenting, home ownership, business ownership and being a responsible adult were all relatively new.

Today I'm older, wiser, slower, and fatter. I have less hair and have accumulated my fair share of life's emotional and physical battle scars. I still pursue the entrepreneurial dream. I still seek happiness and stability. I still seek a positive future for my family.

While our outward appearances may change, our inner driving goals typically remain the same. Harry Reid allowed fear of the unknown to affect his view in 1999 and now he seeks to conquer his fear through a reasonable negotiated situation. Televised poker continues to improve its presentation with new bells and whistles, but at its heart poker has an inherent drama all its own. As much as things change, they stay the same. The difference of a decade? It's just a number. It's what's in the timeless heart that matters.

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