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Date Posted: June 18th, 2009 (2:48pm)

I've had a busy morning, today.  I conducted my first radio/podcast interview with Ante Up Magazine based out of Florida.  Scott Long and Chris Cosenza are really nice and funny guys who love all things poker.  I got bumped from tomorrow's show because they are interviewing Greg Pappas, the director of the PPA, to discuss the recent seizure of online funds.  My interview will go up July 3rd instead, while I'm out in Vegas for the main event.


The purpose for today's post is I wanted to share a great poker video with you.  When I was looking around the poker world after departing CardRunners, I identified DeucesCracked as a business and team of guys who are trying to do really good work.  They think outside the box.  They are conscientious.  They have a good perspective about poker and poker education.  They work hard, but like to have a lot of fun.  They are currently filming their 2M2MM (2 Months, 2 Million) G4 shows.  They are creating compelling content for poker fans of all kinds so I wanted to give them some props.


The video is 30 minutes long and very professionally done.  I love the format of trying to relay a fuller portrayal of one individual's journey in poker.  The first documentary features Greg 'CaptnZeebo' Lavery who used to blog on CardRunners.  I am hoping this becomes a regular series, as the production values are top notch.  It was so well done, I found myself wanting it to go on and on in greater depth.   People inside and outside of poker should really get access to a variety of these video documentary poker player portrayals to better understand our game and industry.

JackDogWelch Added 6/20/09 4:41pm
Outstanding short documentary. As a new DeucesCracked subscriber, I can only offer my greatest support.
XPOKERCHIC Added 6/18/09 5:37pm
Very nice video. About 7 minutes into the video the gf say degenerate and I had to laugh. degenaMatt. LOL. X
knox828 Added 6/18/09 5:03pm
Fantastic! I've talked with Greg before; very nice guy. Damn, I hate to say this...but is DC going to surpass us (CR) for the #1 spot soon? Damn.
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