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Date Posted: September 30th, 2009 (11:48am)

The answer to that facetious question is obviously yes.  They have all the right ingredients to succeed.

1.  They love playing at night, when the games are going strong.
2.  They have the necessary aggression.  They just seem to have a killer attitude. They really like going for the jugular.
3.  They don't ever seem to tire, almost like they have an eternal stamina.
4.  They have a real thirst to learn and soak things up.
5.  They have an intimidating table presence, with a stare that will mesmerize you.

The reason for my humorous blog is that I'm finishing up reading the Twilight series.  While I'm not a particular fan of Stephenie Meyer's writing style, she does introduce some interesting elements into the Vampire mythos. You don't have to accept your fate.  You can redefine it and create noble purpose out of your circumstances.  Resisting the base urges we all have is a constant struggle, but a worthwhile one.  She also emphasizes that even mortal enemies can find friendship and commonality to overcome the past.  And of course, for all the girls out there, that love knows no bounds even between human, vampire, and werewolf.

The other interesting aspect that I noticed while reading the four book series, is that vampires have gone mainstream.  Vampire movies have always been a part of our culture, but in the last 20 years, there has been a proliferation and acceptance of vampire culture that is found everywhere.  While I haven't followed cultural changes closely, I would probably source Anne Rice and her Interview with a Vampire books as affecting a generation.  Vampires are no longer exclusively evil creatures.  We are able to identify with their plight.  We embrace the lust and thirst for life.  We are thrilled by the visceral elements of their existence.  The alternative and secretive elements of our lives are validated by their dark pursuits.

Movies (some recent good examples amongst many)

- From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
- Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
- Interview with the Vampire (1994)
- Queen of the Damned (2002)
- 30 Days of Night (2007)
- Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
- Vampires (1998)
- Salem's Lot (1979)
- The Lost Boys (1987)
- Blade 1 and 2 (1998, 2002)
- Fright Night (1985)
- Near Dark (1987)
- Underworld (2003)
- Van Helsing (2004)
- Vampires: The Turning (2005)
- Twilight (2009)

TV shows (some recent examples)

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Angel (spinoff from Buffy)
- Blade
- Blood Ties
- Kindred: The Embraced
- True Blood
- Vampire Diaries
- Moonlight

So the next time you are playing and feeling like your lifeblood (i.e. chips) is slowly draining away, wonder if your opponent might not be a vampire.

kid vampire

VeraWW Added 10/1/09 4:16am
LOL-I've always had a fascination with vampires and have read most of Anne Rice's books. I have to say I play like a vampire because I am always looking to pounce and eliminate someone when I'm in a tourney. Not to mention I'm a night owl and will stay up till day break before going to my crypt...ahem I mean bed. I certainly have a thirst for knowledge.And intimidation? Earlier this evening I had the chip leader so scared of me that he kept giving me walks in the big blind rather than risk me shoving him.
swa22 Added 9/30/09 3:27pm
One day the truth will be revealed and we will find out that Full Tilt's corporate headquarters are located in Transylvania,staffed by thousands of vampires who monitor every hand you play with a red "tilt" button on thier desk, waiting for the precise moment to strike, leaving you drained and powerless to stop the bleeding...
RossG Added 9/30/09 1:24pm
Did you know Bram Stoker was Irish? Writer of Dracula.
smallteene Added 9/30/09 11:58am
I love TRUE BLOOD !! raunchy and full sex! =)
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