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Date Posted: September 1st, 2010 (12:49pm)

Developing a Poker PlanIn part one of “Developing a Poker Plan”, we discussed the importance of establishing a poker plan whether you were a professional or amateur poker player.  The act of creating a plan begins the process of actualizing your goals. In part two, I will share two examples of concrete poker plans that can inspire you to create one of your own.

Amateur Player Poker Plan - Your general goal is to have fun and make some money.

While the goal is simple and vague, achieving it is not.  First ask yourself some questions.  When do you have to play? What can you invest into your poker playing?

1) Time - A couple nights a week and Sunday afternoons are potential playing times - 8 hours/wk
2)Investment - I can take $200 from my paycheck to start my online bankroll.
3) Game - I enjoy Sit n Go’s best as like outlasting players and can make money usually.
4) Level - I will play $5 Sit n Go’s until I reach $350, at which time I’ll play $10 Sit n Go’s  
5) Reward - I will withdraw $50 when I reach $350 to treat my girlfriend to a dinner
6) Profit improvement - I currently play 2 at a time, but will try 3 and compare results as I usually make the money in 1/2.
7) Stop Loss - If I finish out of the money 4 in a row, I take a break or call it quits for the day.
8) Strategy - I’ve been reading on some forums and articles that it’s important to ramp up my aggression near the money bubble to ensure I don’t enter the money short as the most money is in the top two spots. I want to watch some higher stakes SNG’s being played to watch how they change gears
9) Records - I will track my results to determine my ROI% and compare it to other similar level players on Sharkscope or PTR.
10) Future - I want to befriend another Sit n Go player, find a supportive poker forum or buy a poker book that will help me improve my play.

Semi-Professional Player Poker Plan - Goal is to go from $1-2 to $2-4 or $3-6 this year.

1) Time - Part time job to pay some living expenses (20 hrs/wk) Play poker 30+ hours a week.
2) Investment - Online bankroll currently at $7500.  I intend to grow it to $10-12K before withdrawing so I can more comfortably play 4-6 tables and handle swings better. Goal is to reach $16-$18k before moving up to $2-4.
3) Game - Currently 6 max, but want to work some HU into the mix.
4) Level - $1-2 with the occasional shot at $2-4 if the game is juicy. Cut out the shots until I meet my goal.  
5) Reward - Once I reach $12k, I will withdraw $1k a month for living expenses if I keep my bankroll about that mark. Make sure to take $50-100 of that to do something nice for friend or family so they see the fruits of my labor.
6) Profit improvement - I currently 3-4 table.  Try to play a minimum of 4 tables with 5-6 more regularly if good tables are running. Consider more play on site with rakeback than the FPP site I often play.
7) Stop Loss - Stop loss is 5 BI if I’m feeling good about my game.  Keep to it strictly.  
8) Strategy - I need to take more advantage of the sweat sessions and strategy forum on the training site I belong to.  I noticed 3 and 4 bet aggression increasing in $2-4 games, need to figure out how to combat it better and increase my money won at showdown. Watch some HU videos to start getting a better handle for short handed play and playing HU more.
9) Records - Spend 30-60 minutes weekly reviewing my sessions in Hold’em Manager.  Make sure my 3 and 4 bet % and post flop AF are at recommended levels.
10) Future - Set up some coaching with respected HU player at my training site.  Would be great if he also plays $2-$4 NLHE 6 max or better to give advice about the move up.  If $2-$4 move goes well, consider cutting back on part time job in order to play more.

As I don’t play $2-4, please don’t hold me to those exact numbers, but rather to the idea that you are concretely planning out your needs and goals.  You are now accountable to something.  You may need to revise your plan once you get a month or two under your belt.  The idea it that the plan forces a positive structure to your play.  It actualizes your goals in a realistic format for achieving them.  Those who plan, both their play and their poker career, are much more likely to reach their goals.  So get started on your poker plan today. 

eberetta1 Added 9/3/10 5:20pm
Sweet, Zimba. Lays it all out there. Glad to see the $1-$2 table bankrolled by around $7500. I hear alot of people jump to that size table with only $1000 to back it up, which almost guarantees a bad outcome.
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