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Date Posted: Feb. 21, 6:28pm, 0 Comments

**Update** The winners of the Third Minted poker League have been announced and Minted has been notified of the following cash prizes.




1st - evilpete - 363 points - winner of $35
2nd - Fregl1 - 330 points - winner of $25
3rd - KnightWolf27 - 287 points - winner of $20
4th - twinkles1010 - 285 points - winner of $15
5th - TooCanoo - 278 points - winner of $10
6th - 1xv1 - 276 points - winner of $5


More results -


Due to the recent spate of spam bots flooding the Poker Curious forums and site with hundreds of spam forum and blog posts, I have temporarily made them Read Only. I have spent the last week manually deleting hundreds and hundreds of spam posts and will leave the forums Read Only until I figure out a more suitable option.


As for U.S. based players with funds on Minted Poker, which is now closed to U.S. players, I was given this short email response from Minted Poker.


"As for the U.S. situation , Everleaf no longer allow players to player from the USA and this will not change. Any player who has funds in their accounts need to contact the LGA and they will advise how to proceed."

The LGA is the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Their contact information is:

Lotteries and Gaming Authority
Suite 1, Level 3, TG Complex, Brewery Street, Mriehel, Birkirkara
BKR 3000, Malta
Tel: +356 2546 9000
Fax: +356 2144 6950


Feel free to PM me at zimba, or leave a comment on my blog if you need to reach me.

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Date Posted: Feb. 16, 10:02am, 0 Comments

Unfortunately Everleaf network, on which Minted Poker is located, was targeted by the DOJ and has had to shut off access to U.S. based players last week disrupting the Minted Freeroll Poker League. For the final week, only non U.S. based players will be able to access the freeroll. Join us this Sunday, February 26th at 20:00 CET (2 pm EST/11 am PST) for our sixth and final week of our $65 freeroll Minted Poker Freeroll League.


I am still awaiting guidance from Minted in regards to the league and U.S. players and their funds.

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Date Posted: Feb. 5, 8:42pm, 0 Comments

Congratulations to "not2" who won the fourth week of the PokerCurious Minted Poker League freeroll and twinkles1010 who leads the poker league after four weeks with 285 points.


Join us this Sunday, February 11th at 20:00 CET (2 pm EST/11 am PST) for our fifth week of our six week $65 freeroll Minted Poker Freeroll League.


More results can be found in Extra Value forum -




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Date Posted: Jan. 28, 1:23pm, 0 Comments is back up. I apologize for the miscommunication with our former server host that had the site down. I'm thrilled that we are on a new server that is quick again.

Join us this Sunday, January 29th at 20:00 CET (2 pm EST/11 am PST) for our third week of our six week $65 freeroll Minted Poker Freeroll League.


Due to the site being down, I wasn't able to send the usual newsletter announcement so only 65 members played each of the first two freerolls. That leaves excellent opportunities for third week players in the larger player pool to surge up the leaderboard.


Three more $65 freerolls will follow on each successive Sunday at the same time. The top six cumulative points leaders from the six week league will earn additional cash prizes:

1st - $35
2nd - $25
3rd - $20
4th - $15
5th - $10
6th - $5

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Date Posted: Jan. 6, 12:48pm, 0 Comments

Happy New Years all! After an extended break for the holidays in November and December we will be starting our third Minted Poker League. It will have a similar six week with extra league prizes format to the second version with the exact dates to be announced soon.


For those that have been enjoying my Social Director columns focused on the poker and Twitter world, here is my latest column - Enhancing the Value of Twitter for 2012

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Date Posted: Dec. 27, 11:04am, 0 Comments

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. With all the festivities going on, I almost overlooked last week's Social Director column that gave my Twitter perspective on the heads-up battle between Chris Klodnicki and Andrew Lichtenberger in the recent Epic Poker League mix-max main event.


I'm hoping early in the new year, we can start up a new freeroll poker league on Minted. So keep an eye out for that.

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Date Posted: Dec. 8, 2:21pm, 0 Comments

For this week's Social Director column, I caught up with the latest exploits of Sam Trickett (@Samtrickett1) and David Sands (@Doc_Sands) on the tournament felt and on Twitter. Both players have had a tremendous 2011 and continue to make strides in their game.

With the holidays approaching, my contract writing is slackening so I will try to write a couple blogs that don't just pimp my article writing...

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Date Posted: Nov. 30, 6:23pm, 0 Comments

One of the interesting aspects of Twitter is you don’t know what you are going to find. While there are certainly some very structured and reliable tweeters, many poker pros are more unpredictable. Some will have bursts of tweeting around a tournament or some personal activity. Others are content to have their occasional impulsive tweets speak for them. Then there are those pros that experience a sense of tweeting mania. The tweets flow with reckless abandon sharing an almost unfiltered stream of consciousness...


Read the rest of this week's Social Director column to hear about Kathy Liebert's Manic Twitter Monday.

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Date Posted: Nov. 24, 1:40pm, 0 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all. This week's Social Director column focuses on how to solicit good twitter hand advice. Context is key.


The example I illustrate with features David Paredes, @gaucho2121, a 31-year-old respected East Coast cash game and tournament pro who received feedback from Mike "Timex" McDonald and other pros during his recent Borgata Fall Poker Open tournament.

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Date Posted: Nov. 16, 3:16pm, 0 Comments

I'm back to share this week's Social Director column where I discuss the seven common mistakes that poker players make when managing their Twitter feed. If you are going to do the Twitter thing, you might as well do it right.

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