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Date Posted: Oct. 27, 10:59am, 0 Comments

This week's Social Director column "Twitter Conversation, Define "Fish" shares an extended exchange that occurred on Twitter a few days ago discussing the media and poker industry use of the word. The conversation demonstrates that Twitter can be more than selfish promotions and snarky comments.

On another related note, Klout, the Twitter influence rating service, rolled out a major change in their scoring algorithm that caused significant shifts to most people's scores. The new scoring seems to weight your influence on Facebook more than your influence on Twitter. It got a lot of people worked up who have focused on building their Twitter influence and who have reliably used Klout as the standard metric for gauge and refining their expanding social network. It demonstrated to me once again how poorly some companies manage change through a lack of transparency and poor communication. As Cole South replied "see: Netflix." Exactly. People see through when a business isn't straight with their customers. The companies ultimately take a step backwards when they intended to take one forward, if they don't adequately factor their customers and their perceptions into the changes.

(Note - For those with some extra time and interest in the reaction to Klout's changes, read some of the hundreds of constructive comments left on the Klout blog announcement of their changes.)

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Date Posted: Oct. 19, 2:40pm, 0 Comments

I'm back again with this week's column Social Director: Getting a Read on Twitter – The Seven Types of Tweets.

"Any time a successful poker player sits down at a poker table, their first instinct is to try to get reads on their opponents. They want to observe them, assess them, and often categorize them. They may label certain players as loose-aggressive or tight-passive based off their observed play or behavior. They can then adjust their game accordingly once they have an understanding of the dynamics of their opponents at the table."

I go on to relate the poker player's goal to how someone can refine their Twitter experience by getting a handle on the 7 types of tweets you encounter and how their balanced or imbalanced use can lead to adjustments in who you follow.

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Date Posted: Oct. 12, 2:31pm, 0 Comments

Back again with this week's Social Director column on This week I discuss the race between Ben Lamb and Phil Hellmuth for World Series of Poker Player of the Year award. They both had tremendous WSOP summers but they are down to the final few eligible WSOPE events in Cannes, France to determine who comes out on top in the only non-single event prestigious WSOP award.


I share some of their tweets from the last few days as they psych themselves up for the home stretch of the competition.

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Date Posted: Oct. 5, 6:41pm, 0 Comments

It's Wednesday, so it's time again for my Social Director column on This week I discuss the important role that poker media plays on Twitter, both as a trusted source for information and also for free-flowing opinions and conjecture regarding the latest hot topics in the poker world.


I illustrate my point by sharing a couple dozen Tweets from last Friday when news first broke that the French Groupe Bernard Tapie had agreed to purchase Full Tilt Poker. The news and resulting skepticism began to appear in minutes.

Lastly, for those looking for reliable poker sources to follow on Twitter, I list 46 who I follow and respect.

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