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Date Posted: Oct. 4, 4:59pm, 4 Comments

I had started to write this then closed it because the tournaments I was in needed my attention. It published! Anyways, the donkaments are driving me nuts. I guess it's because I haven't cashed in the last several and now have a negative ROI. Tournaments involve a lot of luck and sometimes you just don't get any (good luck that is). Skill will only take you so far. I can get deep but have been busting before the money or just inside the money. It's the donkeys who will call a raise oop with 69o and hit trips then you hit your ace on the turn and pay off a river bet because it's a donkey and they could have an ace weak kicker. Should have listened to the gut instinct that knew he had a six. That didn't knock me out- just lost enough chips that I was short stacked and we know what that means- shove time. I run into big hands a lot lately when I shove-eh but what ya gonna do. Just got knocked out of one as we speak. AA raise UTG get called by the bb with 67s flop has an ace but all diamonds and you can guess the rest. Yep I felt she had it but said "f*ck it I have outs to a boat and no boat for me. I was tilty due to all the other losses and I should have folded my set. The stars have to align perfectly it seems for you to win. Though I know people who win on a consitent basis. What do they know that I don't? Are they just luckier than most? Am I just feeling poker depression? Yeah I think so. I'm sick and tired of not winning. I'm sick and tired of being the better player at the table (and no I'm not big headed, I check out the competition at poker pro labs and most of them suck.) and not being able to beat the donkeys. The donkeys are beating me. It makes me want to start calling raises oop with A5o then shove when an ace hits cause ladyluck will river you a str8 or two pair. In fact it has upset me so much I wrote a poem about it awhile back that I'll share with you.


Donkey Donk


I'm a donk I'm a donk

come play with me

I know my hands good

I have an ace three


When an ace lands on flop

I will put in a raise

I will call call call all the way

ole man rivers gonna bring me a three, see?


You have skill but I have luck

I never throw my cards in the muck

I might catch my two outter or gutshot

who thinks about odds and longshots?


I haven't a clue about pot odds and such

overcards, underpair, trips, or the nuts

I just know I never saw two cards I don't like

You have big slick but I have two ducks


When the flop hits ace king seven

I'm in donk heaven

Yes I will call you to river

dreams of value town dance in your head


till a two hits like a brick

and your feeling sick

how can this be you say

two outtered again-that's it I quit.



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Date Posted: Oct. 1, 3:37am, 0 Comments

Playing poker you will become familiar with tilt almost immediately. Though tilt actually has many forms that a lot of players might not be aware of. We all know the bad beat form of tilt. But what exactly is tilt? It has to do with your emotions and those emotions affecting your decisions. When you suffer a bad beat it makes you angry were you want to break something or if you're still playing (such as in an MTT) it will alter your decisions in future hands. But losing isn't the only form of tilt. There is winner tilt as well. This is were you've won a few pots and start to feel invincible, like you can't lose. If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone get a massive chip lead early in a tournament only to turn around and donk it off I'd be rich by now. Anything that will affect your emotions such as being tired or hungry can lead to tilt. One way I try to guard against it is to take ten seconds to make a decision involvling a lot or all of my chips. Sometimes I forget this and act quickly only to lose and wish I had not forgotten the ten second rule! I get mad when someone calls with an inferior hand and sucks out on me, I think it's normal to. I just realize that this is a tilt situation and knowing that helps to guard against it's effects.After all no hand is guaranteed to win preflop, not even aces so it is going to happen that if you get all your chips in preflop even as a huge favorite you can and will lose some of the times. After this happens to you numerous times it just doesn't have the same effect on you as it does to someone who is new to the game. Breaking your computer is only hurting you, raving in the chatbox about how stupid your opponent is only makes you look like a jackass, shoving all in after a loss when you still have chips to battle with, holding 83 off suit only cost you the tournament. Tilt cost you not them. Try to remember that the next time you feel tilt rearing its ugly head. It is like jealousy or unforgiveness- the person you feel this towards usually has no idea that you feel it or if they do, they don't care. In the end you only end up hurting yourself. I rarely tilt these days because I will share a secret with you. As a player I am looking for an opponent who is tilting so I can use their tilt against them and eliminate them from the tournament. Other players do this as well so I sure don't want to let them know that I'm feeling tilty. I just keep my mouth shut and say SERENITY NOW to myself and get all zen about it. Shit happens you either cope with it or die.

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