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Date Posted: May. 12, 9:20am, 1 Comment

Final table playing PLO HI/LO


That was cool!

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Date Posted: May. 11, 7:17pm, 1 Comment

Hi Poker Curious friends...


It´s great to start writing this blog with as the site is starting too.

I´m an avid player of sit & go, MTT and HU (low stakes).

I´m a system analyst and a professor in a University here in Brazil.

I want to share my experience and learn much more with all you guys.

Let´s trade our histories, knowledge and make new friends.


And i cannot stop here without wish the best luck to this new website and its satff.

Ross, you´re doing great!!!


Keep in touch


Thats it for now.


Good luck at the tables


Alexandre "VenenoBr" Erbetta




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