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Date Posted: August 31st, 2009 (3:01pm)

if u have a computor for a long time u have probably experienced the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH"..

it when u doing ur everyday stuff and all of asudden ur screen goes blue and writen in white print are a shitload of numbers and a message!!


or some shit like that!!


so i went to ask around and people tell me its my hard drive and its because i installed software/hardware incorrectly!

but one guy sais its because i never shut down my laptop always on stand-bye!!

because i told him the thing started recently and it comes most times when i install or move a file or folder !!


i was copying a DVD onto my computer and it popped up but when i installed a huge game (grand theft auto 4) it had no problems!!


can anyone help me with ur suggestions! or stories of ur experience with "THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH"

is it a virus,stuff installed incorrectly or that i never shut down...

my friend sais my hard drive now screwed :( :(



XPOKERCHIC Added 8/31/09 5:10pm
I am a computer student and there is no one reason the "Blue Screen of Death" occurs. I am on a 4 year old Toshiba and it does it after a register error. You don't want to fix the problem with register cures etc. If you have the recovery disc, just pop it in and recover Windows. You will lose anything save and will have to do several Windows updates. PM me if you would like more info. Check the web if you don't have a recovery disk and the manufactorer of your lap may offer one for free or a few dollars. Remember to always backup you files to another source, like a removable flash drive or external hard drive and when this happens again you will have your files. Hope this helps. X
Zimba Added 8/31/09 3:36pm
While I'm not comp. expert, I have found that if you copy and paste the error messages you see into google search, that you often find people with similar issues and how they resolved them. That's a good place to start.
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