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Date Posted: March 27th, 2011 (11:57pm)

Wow, it is almost a year since i have blogged. Good & Bad news....I have decided to start blogging again, for I had sooo much fun doing it in the past about poker.  Since I don't really play online poker much, I don't see the purpose of writing my entries on here....Hopefully I decide to get another laptop so that I can get FTP on there, since it is not supported on my Powerbook G4. I know FTP, gay!


I miss RAZZ like crazy, but what am I gonna do???  For now I am trying to get back into the kick of blogging at least every other day about who knows what!  I guess you can say I am bored with life and I feel I need something else to occupy my time,  and I think having to organize pics, files, and entries.....will def do the trick for me.  What is she thinking?? 

Zimba Added 3/28/11 12:20am
Where will you be blogging? The links in blogs aren't working so you will need to write it out if you want others to check it out.
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