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Date Posted: Oct. 2, 12:04pm, 0 Comments

all these three bad beats happened because i slow played.  I think slow playing can only help if the right cards come out.  The best way to avoid being busted by a bad beat is by betting the hand that you have.   Don't let your opponent catch the 1 or 2 outter they need to bust you.  This is what i've learned from my experiences and it seems to have helped.  i hope it helps you too.  I knwo that this means you may not win as much chips because you may scare your opponent away, but at least you wont get sucked out on and get busted

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Date Posted: Oct. 2, 12:02pm, 0 Comments

GRRRRRRRR MOTHER F*****!!!! i was just in a $50 GTD tournament, i got 3 or 4 great hands in a row, A-J suited, Q-Q, and A-k, all me raising 3 times the big blind, late in the tourney, about 15 ppl from cashing, then i get dealt A-A, so i make the same raise, and by now im figuring, these ppl at the table are prolly thinkin somethings up, because im pickin all the blinds, which is about 600 in chips, so i get one late positon caller and the flop comes, 6-5-9, i bet out 600 and he raises me all in, i insta call he flips over 8-9 suited, turn is a dud, and the dreaded river is a 7, he makes his straight and busts me.


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Date Posted: Oct. 2, 12:01pm, 0 Comments

GOD DAMNIT! It happens again. I was in the pokerguy21 tournament on cake. 2nd in chips. im sitting at the table with the chip leader, theres 18 ppl left int he tournament. This guy is raising every single hand. I have K 2 of hearts, he raised preflop and i call, flop comes, all hearts, i got the second nut flush, he bets out, i flat call, id idnt want to scare him a way, turn comes A of clubs, he bets out again, and i call, river is the Ace of hearts, so now i have the nut flush, he bets, i raise all in, he calls. and what does he have in his hand? Pocket Aces. i got rivered again by quad aces. GRRRRRRRRRR! i play great poker, but just get unlucky, SON OF A MOTHER! Question why does this happen to me? MadMadMadMadSadSadSadSad

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Date Posted: Oct. 2, 12:00pm, 0 Comments

ahhh, to end the day, with another bad beat, i was in the pokerspace freeroll, in the bubble, i get dealt K-10, theres a pre flop raiser and im the only caller, flop comes, 3-10-K all diamonds, the raiser makes a small bet and i raise all in, he calls me and turns over A-10, no diamonds, so im thinkin yes, he's only got 3 outs, turn comes a J, and of course what comes on the river? not an ace, but a Q, for him to make his straight.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! what an unlucky day of poker, i play at the top of my game, but somehow i get beat by these DONKS who play so crappy but get sooo damn lucky..i think i need some time off away from poker Evil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very MadCrying or Very sadCrying or Very sadCrying or Very sadCrying or Very sad ......

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