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Date Posted: January 30th, 2010 (9:23am)

Like a strong wind carries pollen to new destinations and more fertile grounds, I similarly feel moved to spread my seeds beyond the limitations here at Poker Curious. I am officially withdrawing my position as a pro on this site and will be moving my blog back to its original homebase @ . I don't feel the need to go into the details and circumstances behind my decision, and I wish nothing but success for PokerCurious and all those involved both on and off the scenes.


I have met a lot of great members and will continue to follow your journeys through the blogs you post, as I hope many of you continue to read on about my wayard travels through poker and life. 

I have been logging 5 days a week live in Atlantic City playing primarily $2/5 nl cash, but am excited to play in the upcoming FTOPS events on Full Tilt Poker.


I have written many times about how the game of poker is truly beaten off the felt. I know countless skilled players.... really sick players who are struggling to make ends meet because of poor decisions and limited some instances, even non-existant discipline. Being back in AC, I am reminded that whether you play online or in a cardroom, the challenges and decisions are similar when it comes to grinding out a living in poker. IT is NOT EASY. It is extremely challenging and a constant test of our Will.


I can honestly say I am in the best place I have been in a long time.


I have a lot of ideas and thoughts I want to share with you regarding how to "Beat The most Difficult Poker Opponent you will ever face... YourSelf." I look forward to sharing with you on my original blog site, what has helped me find peace, balance and a healthy bankroll once again.  I will also be hosting more blog contests with cash and free coaching prizes, guest bloggers, and as always, a candid view into what is often a troubled and conflicted mind.


I leave you with this: WHen you think you have gone as far as you can go...when everything and everyone you know has turned their back and all that remains is darkness....when you have lost all hope and are ready to succumb to adversity... please remember that all great men and women of history and in poker stood in this same place at one point in their lives...and felt the same things you are feeling... and then.... they looked Within.


I wish you all nothing but the best always.


Chetna "Rex55" Joshi

TwitterID: Rexy55


OlDusty Added 3/14/10 3:21pm
Looking foreaward to your future writings. You won't be missed, you wll simply be followed...
degenaMATT Added 1/31/10 11:24am
sad to see you go Rexy best of luck in all that you do we will miss you here at PC
JackDogWelch Added 1/30/10 3:17pm
"...spread my seeds beyond the limitations here at Poker Curious." I'll be honest. I have yet to discern the limitations of PC. That's its charm. But I love your mind and wit and I wish you nothing but the best. And even better than that. - JDW
XPOKERCHIC Added 1/30/10 1:37pm
Hope you continue your level of success. I and many others are thankful for your helpfulness and will always remember your words of wisdom on poker. Be the best you can be, our own Rexy. X
Zimba Added 1/30/10 10:07am
Thanks for all your contributions at Poker Curious. We wish you well, Rexy.
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