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Date Posted: December 30th, 2009 (7:54am)

(Read this as close to midnight on New Years Eve as possible=)


My New Year's Toast to You!


*Lift your bubbly in the air,

champagne glass held with flair.

Standing close to those you love,

Smiling at the stars above.


Tell yourself you'll do it right,

You wont get chat banned,

in silly chat box fights.

You'll play your best,

win, lose or draw.

A stable bankroll, 

not a dizzying see-saw.


You won't tilt or tier,

or jump about,

in games you shouldn't,

even when you're spazzed out.

This game is brutal,

and in the end,

eats those alive,

who couldn't defend.


But most of all,

believe you will...

That you can Crush,

this game of skill.

Yes you will,

I know you can...

I'm behind you,

so make your stand.

In 2010 bring all your might,

Be firm and confident.

Fight the Fight.


WIshing each and every one of you a New Year filled with Lots of Heaters and Love =)

Cj Rex55 <3


lashiko Added 12/31/09 11:40am
Happy new year honey,nice text !wish u everything good and be happy , your fan : Lashiko :*
dodibacsi Added 12/30/09 1:00pm
Love this one!!! Happy New Year Rexy!!xxx
RossG Added 12/30/09 11:47am
Nice poem Rex ;) I like the flow and theme, the fighting spirit. Think you might enjoy Avatar 3D if you haven't already seen it... lot of sub themes of fighting for what you love etc ;) Best of luck in 2010 in all areas of life! What you see in your mind you will hold in your hand.
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