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Date Posted: December 1st, 2009 (1:23pm)

Hey guys, things  have been really hectic lately and I have had very little time for online poker. I had some family visiting from India which was really nice and then it was my brother and sister-in-laws 1 year wedding anniversary this past weekend, and they also just closed on a really nice house, so I have been helping out with that as well.

Hope everyone had a happy, and plump thanksgiving... im sure some of you are still waking up from the food coma :)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about different aspects of poker and life and really want to get them out in a few upcoming blogs, but for today, I am going to focus on the 3rd Rex55 Blog Contest.


Here are the contest rules:

*Post a blog regarding the following topic: Top 5 Things You Should be Doing to Improve your Poker Game. Are you doing these things yourself? Why or Why not?


I think it is important for serious poker players to not forget that we are always students of an evolving game. It is necessary to stop and ask ourselves what more can we be doing to improve. And so I want you to post a blog answering my question, which in turn will force you to take a look at your personal efforts and commitment to increasing your skillset, maturity and edge in a game that is getting more and more difficult each day.


The Blog MUST be posted on PokerCurious, so if you have not yet created a free account, then what are you waiting for? :)


You have one week, after which time I will post the winner of the contest, who I will choose based on honesty, introspection, creativity and content. You don't have to be a great writer to win this contest. I won't be turned off by poor grammar/spelling (though i do encourage proofreading:) I will also post my favorite excerpts from losing entries, same as I did last time.


THE PRIZE: One Free Month of Membership at PokerXFactor, valued at $145.00!! If you are already a member at PXF, then you can choose a free membership from Leggo or DragTheBar, both excellent training sites as well.   PokerXFactor is one of the most advanced and longest running poker training sites on the web. It has a database of hundreds of videos from the top online pros teaching you their strategies with a rabbit cam view of their cards. It also offers a PXF Hand History Replayer (now with audio commentary and "hand search" features), Pro Blogs, Quizzes, and in-depth articles. PokerXFactor subscribers also have access to the active PXF community.


Lastly, make sure you put the word Top 5 or 'Rex55 BlogContest' in your title somewhere, even if it is in parenthesis, so I don't overlook any entries when I go to review them.


Good Luck Guys!! I'm looking forward to reading your entries.


I have been playing live in Atlantic City, was there the past 2 days and talked to one of my friends out there who I hadn't seen in a few years. He is a phenomenal NL cash game player and he recommended I read "No Limit Holdem Theory and Practice" by Ed Miller and Sklansky, to help me improve my live cash game. So that is my next homework project. I will be blogging in more detail with AC trip reports soon, because there is a lot I want to talk about regarding that as well!! I had a few nice sessions, including my first live Royal Flush!! Unfortunately I didnt get much action on the hand, and missed out on coolering quads or AAA full for the $140k bad beat jackpot, but I did get $200 comp dollars and it was sweet to finally make my first royal at a live table :) I pulled some sick bluffs and experimented quite a bit after talking poker strategy with my friend. It felt great!! Now I am off to watch "New Moon."


Gl with your personal grinds and get blogging!! =)

-Cj Rex55

fanfarones Added 12/13/09 8:27am
dadsrus Added 12/2/09 4:24pm
thxs sounds great i won last contest for PC it was for leggopoker it has been great help to my game p.s my wife worked on film crew for new moon and twilight .... she also did eclipse coming out soon cheers and thxs
factorx Added 12/2/09 3:52pm
I think it's a pretty cool concept as a whole in what you are attempting to accomplish with this. Thanks Rex!!!
XPOKERCHIC Added 12/1/09 10:33pm
Thanks for the contest Rexy, you are the best. X
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