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Date Posted: Jan. 30, 9:23am, 5 Comments

Like a strong wind carries pollen to new destinations and more fertile grounds, I similarly feel moved to spread my seeds beyond the limitations here at Poker Curious. I am officially withdrawing my position as a pro on this site and will be moving my blog back to its original homebase @ . I don't feel the need to go into the details and circumstances behind my decision, and I wish nothing but success for PokerCurious and all those involved both on and off the scenes.


I have met a lot of great members and will continue to follow your journeys through the blogs you post, as I hope many of you continue to read on about my wayard travels through poker and life. 

I have been logging 5 days a week live in Atlantic City playing primarily $2/5 nl cash, but am excited to play in the upcoming FTOPS events on Full Tilt Poker.


I have written many times about how the game of poker is truly beaten off the felt. I know countless skilled players.... really sick players who are struggling to make ends meet because of poor decisions and limited some instances, even non-existant discipline. Being back in AC, I am reminded that whether you play online or in a cardroom, the challenges and decisions are similar when it comes to grinding out a living in poker. IT is NOT EASY. It is extremely challenging and a constant test of our Will.


I can honestly say I am in the best place I have been in a long time.


I have a lot of ideas and thoughts I want to share with you regarding how to "Beat The most Difficult Poker Opponent you will ever face... YourSelf." I look forward to sharing with you on my original blog site, what has helped me find peace, balance and a healthy bankroll once again.  I will also be hosting more blog contests with cash and free coaching prizes, guest bloggers, and as always, a candid view into what is often a troubled and conflicted mind.


I leave you with this: WHen you think you have gone as far as you can go...when everything and everyone you know has turned their back and all that remains is darkness....when you have lost all hope and are ready to succumb to adversity... please remember that all great men and women of history and in poker stood in this same place at one point in their lives...and felt the same things you are feeling... and then.... they looked Within.


I wish you all nothing but the best always.


Chetna "Rex55" Joshi

TwitterID: Rexy55


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Date Posted: Jan. 10, 10:58am, 6 Comments

Hey Rexaments. Hope the New Year has kicked off with a bang for you all. I decided to start mine off with live play in the AC card rooms. I was there for 6 nights and just got back yesterday. The initial incentive to go down was because the bad beat jackpots at two of my favorite cardrooms were off the wall. Neither have been hit yet as of yesterday, with Harrah's sitting @ $330,000 and Caesar's @ $500,000. They have never been that high and I figured there would be lots of sick action at both poker rooms and trying to hit a bad beat worth $9428942984 wouldn't be a bad way to spend some time either. I got comped rooms my entire trip between Bally's and Harrah's, even though the rooms at Ballys are outdated by 30 years. I'm pretty sure they still use dial-up internet, no remote for the tv, and you have to plug in and turn on the mini fridge yourself. (Which I of course found out the hard way when I put in a warm root beer and tried to enjoy it 10 hours later, only to find it was warmer =\ )


As it turned out, I didn't get to play a single hand of poker @ Caesars, because every time I tried, the list was ridiculous. The first night, the $1/2 NL game list was 130 players deep and the $2/5 nl list was 56 players deep, and the pattern continued. So I spent the majority of my time playing at Harrah's, which is my favorite poker room. It has a very personal feel to it, away from the annoying slot machines and table game banter. Simple but classy decor, with low-set ceilings and a very pleasant staff. The dealers are great and I just can't speak highly enough about it. Playing in a comfortable environment with limited distractions is important, and it is easy for me to find my 'zone of focus' when playing there. 


I mainly played $2/$5 no limit during the week, and would move down to $1/2 when the fish would get busted and only the rocks remained. I am really picky about game selection when I play live, because it is easy to get seated at a table and just accept that this is where you have to play, even though it might be a hard table, or tight table etc. I am constantly getting table changes until I feel that I am at a good game and in a good seat. 


I ran a few sweet, well-timed bluffs, and those always feel really good =).  I frequently get asked if I can bluff successfully at tables or do most players rarely give me credit. I will say that it is a mixture of everything. Certain players think I am not capable of bluffing, and I must always have the nuts when I bet. Other players think I can never be holding a hand, and insist on paying me off. I think the latter is more common though. This is something I tune into very carefully at a table. I spend the first 20 minutes getting a read on all the players. I categorize them in my mind and carefully watch their betting patterns...their choice of conversations, their ticks, their faces when they are waiting for the flop, turn and river. The best way I do this without it getting all confused is to spend time watching one player at a time for an entire lap. You would be surprised at how much you can learn if you just follow one player for one whole lap. I watch to see how many hands he many times he opens for a often he calls a raise in/out of position, whether he completes the small his chips are stacked..which hand he bets with...what is he drinking...where his it at the tables, the TVs, the waitresses or the company he brought with him...etc.



I do this for every player. All the information I gather is now used to deduce how they view I am usually the only female in the game. So does the player think I am tight, or loose, or stupid, or a fish. Do they think I am capable of bluffing? Are they intimidated?


When I am done, I have a pretty complete picture and I am now comfortable mixing up my play as required for each individual personality. It is this attention to detail and attention to how others view me at a table that gave me much success at NL cash games.
I played great, solid poker 85% of the time, ran like crapola 2 days out of 6, and overall had a satisfyingly profitable week. I splurged on some good food and a bit of shopping...Shared laughs and strategy over drinks with good poker friends, and stayed clear of the table games and slot machines. 
My New Year is off to a steady start...and comfortably I roll along...into the days to come...ready to battle whatever might be thrown my way. Determined to keep beating this game by continually squashing whatever negative voices arise from within when things are not going well. 
Determined to be a Bang.... not a wimper.
-Cj Rex55 xoxoxox
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Date Posted: Jan. 1, 10:12am, 6 Comments

It's 10:12 am New Years Day and I am lying down on my bed under the covers, rifling through the highlights and setbacks of last year.  A mild headache buzzes...residual effects of the cheap champagne I had last night. I didn't do anything wild or crazy. My New Year's Eve was quite reserved and comfortable...spending it with a few of my closest friends and the most lovable furball I know (Bindi.) We played drinking card games, watched the ball drop on Dick Clark's Rockin Eve and rang in the New Year laughing hysterically. I don't laugh often, probably because I think too much, but it felt great. (I am convinced that the more intelligent you are the harder it is to 'laugh'...or maybe I'm just trying to justify being a bitter bugger most of the time =)


Diving underneath the superficial layer of murkiness I feel after a night of drinking, reside pools of thoughts I want to share with you all today. The first half of 2009 was an extremely dark time for me, filled with mistakes and setbacks. Those who have been following my blog before I started blogging here at Poker Curious, will probably remember the infrequency of my postings and the depressing undertones a lot of my blogs carried early on in the year. But I shared my personal struggles as best I could, hoping someone somewhere could relate, and perhaps find strength and inspiration through my experiences....or just simple comfort, knowing they are not alone in their mistakes. A Poker lifestyle can be extremely solitary, and one of the deepest motivations I find to blog, is the hope that I am connecting with people who are sharing the same obstacles as me. 

As humans, we regularly feel 'alone', 'misunderstood', and 'conflicted'.  I know I do.

My remedy is to reach out to you, whoever and wherever you may be.


So here is some insight...take what you can, and set sail into the seas of 2010 with direction, stability, and a sense of wondrous adventure.


*I have learned that ANYONE can be successful at poker, if they have the proper combination of patience, discipline and commitment to improve.
* I have learned that if you respect your bankroll, in turn it will respect you.
* I have learned that if we spend our days comparing ourselves to the success of others, we move farther away from ever achieving that success ourselves.
* I have learned that during slumps, it is very easy to lose confidence in one's abilities and succumb to the negative voices from within.
* I have better learned how to turn off those negative voices.
* I have learned that making a living at online poker is extremely difficult, and a challenge that my competitive spirit continues to warmly accept.
* I have learned that you can make close ties with people all across the world, without ever seeing them or hearing their voice...people I will always call my friends.
* I have learned that my vocabulary has dropped to that of an 8th grader with the uses of yik, jamot, tid, gtfo, gg, wp, mbsfn, hid, roflcopter, and of course fml! ;)

* I have learned that it is easy to lose oneself in the illusory security money offers, if one doesn't remember that true security and happiness lies in human bonds, and peace within oneself. 

*I have learned that I have fewer friends than I thought I had...and that its ok...cuz the ones i have are genuine, loving and caring...

*I have learned that results in poker matter little.. compared to our isolated decisions in each moment... on and off the felt...

*I have learned that I am not a reflection of the way others treat me; that I am beautiful and precious in my own right...We ALL Are.


I begin 2010 with restless excitement.
A fresh start...a tabula rasa.


My New Year's Resolutions are Simple.


-To be a Better Person

-To continue to find a healthy balance between poker and Life.

-To Live IN the Moment

-Oh yea, and to laugh a little more :) 


Wishing you all the Merriest and Berriest New Year Yet! xoxoxoxox


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