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Date Posted: Sep. 30, 1:04pm, 4 Comments

Since the 1st PokerCurious Rex55 Blog Contest was so well received, I have decided to do another one!! I hope everyone who entered last time contributes again, as well as a whole new batch of bloggers!

Here are the contest rules:

*Post a blog regarding the following topic (I have decided to choose this topic to piggyback on my most recent blog about Tilt, something even the best players in the world struggle with):

Blog about the worst experience of tilt you have ever personally gone through and talk about what changes you have made to assure this process is never repeated. What unique suggestions can you come up with to advise other players from going on tilt?


 The Blog MUST be posted on PokerCurious, so if you have not yet created a free account, then what are you waiting for? :)

You have one week, after which time I will post the winner of the contest, who I will choose based on honesty, introspection, creativity and content. You don't have to be a great writer to win this contest. I won't be turned off by poor grammar/spelling (though i do encourage proofreading:) I will also post my favorite excerpts from losing entries, same as I did last time.

THE PRIZE: One Free Month of Membership at PokerXFactor, valued at $145.00!! PokerXFactor is one of the most advanced and longest running poker training sites on the web. It has a database of hundreds of videos from the top online pros teaching you their strategies with a rabbit cam view of their cards. It also offers a PXF Hand History Replayer (now with audio commentary and "hand search" features), Pro Blogs, Quizzes, and in-depth articles. PokerXFactor subscribers also have access to the active PXF community.

Lastly, make sure you put the word 'TILT' or 'Rex55 BlogContest' in your title somewhere, even if it is in parenthesis, so I don't overlook any entries when I go to review them.

Good Luck Guys!! I'm looking forward to reading about your self-analysis and your ideas on how to combat perhaps our toughest Villian...TILT.

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Date Posted: Sep. 29, 12:57am, 6 Comments

My friend sent me an AIM this past weekend with the following HH. I had no idea why he was playing this limit.
He explained to me, that he had been playing $5/$10NL and kept getting bad beat. He was on major tilt, and sat down with his whole bankroll in this $50/$100 NL HU cash game.
( I have changed the name for confidential reasons. My friend is BB)

Full Tilt Poker Game #3785867137:
Table Janell (heads up) - $50/$100 - No Limit Hold'em -
17:45:23 ET - 2007/10/07

Seat 1: luvtheWNBA ($45,334)
Seat 2: BB ($18,795)

BB posts the small blind of $50
luvtheWNBA posts the big blind of $100
The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to BB [As Ah]
BB raises to $300
luvtheWNBA raises $1000
BB raises $3333
luvtheWNBA calls $2333

*** FLOP ***
[4s Ad Td]
luvtheWNBA has 15 seconds left to act
luvtheWNBA checks
BB has 15 seconds left to act
BB bets $3000
luvtheWNBA calls $3000

*** TURN ***
[4s Ad Td] [4c]
luvtheWNBA checks
BB checks

*** RIVER ***
[4s Ad Td 4c] [Qd]
luvtheWNBA checks

BB has 15 seconds left to act
BB bets $12,462, and is all in
luvtheWNBA calls $12,462

*** SHOW DOWN ***
BB shows [As Ah] a full house, Aces full of Fours
luvtheWNBA shows [Jd Kd] a Royal Flush
luvtheWNBA wins the pot ($37,590) with a Royal Flush

*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $37,590 Rake $0.50Board: [4s Ad Td 4c Qd]
Seat 1: luvtheWNBA (small blind) showed [Jd Kd] and won ($37,589.50) with a Royal Flush
Seat 2: BB (big blind) showed [As Ah] and lost with Aces full of Fours










I don't know what shocked me more...the fact that he lost with AAA full of 44s...or the fact that he had put his whole bankroll at risk.
This hand is so ridiculous, there are no words for it.
My friend has learned a very important lesson, the hard, hard, hard way.

Part of the allure of online poker is its convenience.
You can sit there in your PJs, in front of your TV, with the music blaring...
a plate of nachos on your lap, a soda pop in one hand, and a mouse in the other.
But the convenience it provides can be a deadlier bite.
It almost doesn't register that this is real money.
My friend would have never stormed out of a casino, went to the closest bank, withdrawn all his savings, and dumped it on a High Limit Cash game.
But online, it takes less than a minute to sit down in a game that is well beyond one's reach.
And it takes less than one minute for all the hard work to disappear.

It is so very important to have a plan for when you find yourself on tilt.
Do not keep pushing.
If a player is HOT, then get out of the game.
If you are playing bad, then get out of the game.
If you are on tilt, and are losing money, then drop down to the lowest stakes and shove all in every hand.
Donate to the microdonks, not the rich flounders or sharks who sit there waiting to catch players who are off their games and outside of their comfort zone.
If you are about to dump all your money in HU cash or SNGS, then call a friend and tell them what you are about to on the gambling ban all the sites offer...keep a few hundred dollar bills near your computer to remind you of what you are throwing away....just get up and go outside...look up at the something...anything other than risking it all...anything other than digging a deeper hole....anything other than what BB did.

Please do not Tilt...

Poker is one long session. What you lose today, matters little compared to how much you lose in the long run.


(I have not been playing much at the tables over the last 10 days or so because one of my family members has been in the hospital. He is stable and recovering from a cardiac condition, but I have been spending a lot of time at my parents place near the hospital, and poker has been far from my mind. I will be back at the tables soon though and blogging more regularly again also. Hope your personal grinds are going well. xxx)

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Date Posted: Sep. 14, 9:21am, 3 Comments
I fell in love with poker the first time I played it 6 years ago. My boyfriend at the time lived for the Blackjack tables. So one night, he took me to the Borgata in Atlantic City and sat me down with $50 at a $2/$4 Limit Hold'em game. I knew nothing. I was a complete tourist, right down to not knowing what blinds were, whether a straight beat a flush, or what the different color chips meant. But as I played that night, something drew me in.
The initial seed was planted.


I immediately felt myself thirsting for more. Not just more trips down to AC, but more knowledge. I went to the book store and bought my first poker book, which was Phil Helmuth's, "Play Poker Like the Pros." His book broke poker down into its simplest steps...and lay a solid beginning foundation for me. Reading his book ignited the initial spark of what would become a voracious pursuit of poker knowledge. I started playing $4/$8 Limit Hold'em at the Tropicana...and every time I was there, I couldn't help but peer into the NL room. I was the fish peering through the glass at all the sharks...scared out of my mind at what I would experience if I ever ventured in there, but curious just the same.


Then the day came, where I got my first taste of No Limit. I showed up on a super busy Saturday, and the list for $4/$8 was two pages long. A floor guy at the Tropicana who had gotten to know me well over the past few months told me to jump into the empty $1/$2 NL seat. He said there wasn't a big difference (riiiiiiiiiight)...and that I could just sit and play tight, and to just peddle the nuts, and if I hate it, to never play it again....


I looked into the room, and there wasn't a single girl in there...wimper :/


But I had grown up a tomboy, competing in all sorts of co-ed sports leagues from soccer, to ping-pong, to tennis, to softball, to basketball. I just told myself there was no was a sport, and if I wanted to ever have a chance at being a great poker player, I had to just throw myself into the mix.
So into the shark tank I went...externally cool...internally flailing.
I remember my first session of NL like it was yesterday. I remember all the faces, including that of the waitress and the first dealer. I don't know what the hell got into me that day, but I found myself with all my chips in the middle of the table, on a complete bluff.


I had been dealt AsKs in late position. Player in early position raised it to $10, and I flat called. The flop came down 7s 4s 3h.
The young kid fired out $15, and I smooth called behind with my nut flush draw and two overs.
Turn came an offsuit ten. He fired again, this time betting $35, and I again flat called. (sigh*)
The river came a 10h.
The board was 7s 4s 3h 10d 10h
Ace high any good?
So as I'm about to muck the hand, the kid checks the river.


OMG! I still have no idea what came over me in that moment. I was 30min into playing my first NL cash game, but I knew I only had one shot to win that pot...turns out the first time I ever went "all-in" was also the first time I bluffed. I didn't touch my chips...I had $65 behind...I remember, cuz the kid asked me how much...and then he went into the tank...and he thought about it no longer than a min...I was sooooo nervous...My heart was racing, I was sitting on my hands, so he wouldn't see them shake, I was trying to seem nonchalant, I was praying with every last ounce of me that he would fold...only to hear him say, "I call."
I turned over my Ace high, and he showed pocket pair 99s to win the pot.
As he stacked his chips, he said "gutsy play, I almost folded."


I remember in that moment, not even caring that he had called. I was overly pumped that I had it in me to bluff...I was overly pumped that the kid, (who I later found out was a really talented tournament player named Joey) , was able to put such an accurate read on the hand. I was overly pumped, because I knew I could do it, and that my fish status wouldn't be permanent.
Needless to say, I never played Limit Hold em at the Tropicana again.
I was sold...hook, line, and sinker.
I bought a ton of books.
I ordered those nerdy poker DVDs from Ebay with Johnny Chan and Helmuth and others.
I eavesdropped on every poker conversation I could when I was at the tables.
I watched every hand as it was played out.
I used to even simulate a live cash game with myself. I would sit on my living room floor and deal out 6 open hands, and pretend I was all 6 people individually...and then play it out...against myself x 6 (call the geek squad)
It became an obsession...
My passion for poker started creating a rift between my boyfriend and I. He was not happy, and expressed to me how he wished he had never taken me to the borgata. I was confused as to how it was okay for him to go blow thousands on blackjack bets, but I was off track for wanting to learn a game rooted in skill. He gave me the whole girls don't play poker speech, that I would never be taken seriously, and he wasn't going to encourage or support this new obsession of mine. My efforts to convince him failed. So did my idea of learning the game together. He wasn't going to budge...leaving me to make a decision between poker and him. I'm sure you can figure out what choice I made.

The initial seed that was planted that night 6 years ago at the Borgata, has since grown into a flourishing tree..branching off in different directions. My intial curiosity and interest has exploded into a professional career, filled with its share of trumphs and defeats. My hands no longer shake when I bluff, and Joey now knows my first name. I know the red chips in most casinos are worth $5 and my ex-boyfriend emailed me 2 years ago when he stumbled across my blog, asking for a second chance. The answer was No.
My life's dreams and purpose don't begin or end with poker, however this vehicle I am travelling in will take me to my destination where those dreams can be fulfilled.
With Confidence under one wing; Passion beneath the other...lifted by the gentle breeze of Dedication...who knows how high I can soar...or, any of us for that matter.
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Date Posted: Sep. 13, 12:37pm, 1 Comment
There are times when I approach life selfishly.
When the majority of my words are formulated around 'I'...a traditionally narcissistic, egotistically skewed perspective. It is as if, the whole world should stop and cater to my needs. All hearts should beat at the same rhythm as my own.
I know not where it surfaces from, or why...but indeed it occurs.
For that, I am guilty.


But then there are times when the 'I' dissipates. It absolves itself unto me. My thoughts focus on this world, on life, on all other beings.
I feel selfless...filled with passion to harmonize all that is lost in the fires of hate, greed, and violence.

There are times when I feel at one with all those around me...blind to race, gender, status.

I feel merely spiritual energy.

I look at you, and I see me...our core make-up identical, despite the distractingly attractive armor.

While my life is merely a breath in the boundless, limitless expanse of eternity...
While it will pass proportionate to a blink, in the eyes of eternity...
While my story will soon be lost in the black hole of this universe...
in this this life matters...
And so does yours, whoever and wherever you may be.


In this brief, microcosmic piece of Time, I am glad our paths have crossed.


All the best xxx



(I will be playing a couple of miniftops events today and some mixed game mtts as well between stars and fulltilt. Have had an extremely light schedule recently, so I feel refreshed and focused going into today. Will update on Twitter if anything gets exciting. Twitter ID = Rexy55. Gl at the tables =)

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Date Posted: Sep. 10, 6:36am, 10 Comments

I am a youtube junkie, and love searching for all kinds of random, interesting clips. I decided I might as well post some of the really neat ones I find to share with all my readers. Sure, it will be harder for me to hide my nerdiness =) , but I think writing about poker all the time gets boring, and this will mix it up.


So the one for today is super nerdy, but I think anyone with an appreciation for the universe will find it super intriguing. Watch the whole thing, even if it starts as a snoozefest.. believe me, its a beautiful 6:39 minutes.


Watch it Here: The Most Important Image Ever Taken


Watching the clip humbled me and at the same time sent shivers down my spine. It left me with a lot to think about and I literally spent the last two hours talking about universe related topics with my friend. Understanding the infinite complexity of the universe is beyond the scope of human limitation, and when I really stop to ponder it, it sends my mind reeling.. thought after thought...question after question. To think Earth is barely a speck of sand on a beach introduces the idea of so many wondrous other lifeforms that I believe exist... somewhere out in the vast expanse. My imagination soars. And maybe for the next few moments or hours, yours will too.


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