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Date Posted: April 4th, 2010 (2:31pm)

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well.  It seems that spring is finally here to stay, however you never know what year will bring a nasty spring blizzard.  It seems to happen every third year or so, some years, at the beginning of seeding and some more towards the end.  In both cases one gets frustrated with not being completely done, or having started and then having it snow when waiting out a couple of days may have been a better option. 

This seems to be the always internal struggle that happens with life wondering whether or not we have timed things just the way we should have.  Did we buy at the right time, sell at the right time, say the right thing or make the right move.  However whats done is done and one can't change those things anyways so I see not much sense in worrying about it once the time has passed.  I find it much more productive to worry about the actual results and how to deal with them at the present, and in the future.


I was however able to drop my harley off at the shop the other day.  I'm getting a couple things added to give my bike a little more aggressive look.  New handlebars, bigger better and more shiny.  What else could a guy want.  As well I'm streamlining my signal lights, with bullet style ones.  These also are brighter than stock so really they make the bike look cleaner but they will also be brighter and make me more visible to cars which is a benefit because sometimes cars seem to miss seeing bikes and try to run us over.  Anyways I'll be excited to get it back.


Things are drying up pretty quickly here around the farm.  This means that it is go time on the spring work because before one knows it we will be breaking ground, and planting the seeds for the year.  The only way to end the year good is to start it good.  In my business there isn't much time for mediocre performance in season.  This leads to nothing but problems later on down the road with poor timing and poor results.  So its time to do some good work and try to make some money.


Poker has been pleasant as of late.  I think my downswing is finally over and I am able to rebuild.  I am not running amazingly hot or anything but slow and steady will win this race.  So I just have to try to keep putting in the hands I can while I have time and keep the positive results coming.  So hope everyone can keep their stacks large and keep some run good.

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