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Date Posted: April 29th, 2010 (9:32am)

Raining?  Yes yes it is.  Which is good because it allows me to finally have the time to write something.  Spring seeding is finally in full swing.  Well its been going on for a little now but it never feels official until you get a rain delay or finish.  However as always it is a battle, so I shall help inform all you city folk on what goes on in the spring around this farm to get the crop in the ground.  The pictures below are just stock pictures of the models of John Deere equipment I use but the farm is mine and thats what it will look like in June.  The picture is a little old and all of the flat bottoms are on hopper bottoms but that is about the only difference.  This year our farm is 100 years old.    


First things first is that the land either has to be cultivated or sprayed with an "all purpose" chemical usually glyphosate to kill the first flush of weeds that are coming up.  This is important so you can give your crop a weed free advantage with no competition to start growing and maturing in the best possible environment.  I have had some issues with this, and it has been the largest slow down this spring.  The weather has been too cold, and the days have been cold and windy.  This makes it difficult to spray because it has severely limited the time that the weeds are active and I can get at them or the weather has been good enough to do the actual work.




Our seeding takes place with what we call an air drill.  Which is pretty much big tanks that hook up to hoses, which hook up to shanks, which hook up to points, which enter the ground.  The tanks hold, the fertilizer and seed, which is then blown at speed down the tubes and into the ground.  There are some things to make it more complicated than that obviously.  Since the seed is metered out in pounds per acre, it has to be weighed, and calibrated and such.  Also depth is very important to good germination.  So we are always chcking to make sure we are allowing our crop to grow properly.  Our plow on the drill is 61ft wide, and the tanks hold 400 bushels total.  Depending on the crop I can go from 2-3 hours a tank to 6-8. 



So from there with some maintenance everyday it is pretty much filling and working as much as possible to get it done as quick as possible.  This can lead to some late nights running into early mornings.  However you do what you have to do because these operations set up how well, and easily you make things for yourself for the entire year.



There are many things I could touch on here as many things have happened since seeding has started, good things and bad.  However I think one of the most interesting things is the new law passed in Arizona allowing law enforcement to arrest people they suspect of being illegal immigrants.  I am still not convinced it is within the constitution to be allowed to do that.  I know it would be unconstitutional in Canada for sure.  Also I have heard comments from law enforcement that they can all ready do this and send people who fail to the border patrol.  Makes me wonder if there is something else going on they are either trying to sneak by or draw attention from......  Anyways hope all is well and everone is running hot right now.

XPOKERCHIC Added 4/29/10 9:12pm
Being a farmer is hard work. My hat goes of to you sir. X
Zimba Added 4/29/10 11:35am
Wow, the land is sure flat where you are. Is that your local town in the distance, by the water?
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