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Date Posted: August 30th, 2010 (10:43am)

Hey guys

Well we are shut down from harvesting because of a little rain shower that has stopped us from being able to continue with our operation.  We haven't really been able to keep things rolling per usual due to our wet year as well as some hail that put some crops behind.  So instead of having 1200 ac. done we have had 480 ac. instead.  Well thats not totally true because 320 ac. of that was hailed out and therefore no production will come from that.  Anyways I'll get to it all eventually. 


Anyways I'm still playing min bet limit holdem 6 max style.  Which is going really well.  I'm about 2.5bb(Which is around 7/8bb in NL) over my relatively small sample.  I'll need like 50k more hands before I feel confident that I'm winning.  However this was the game I started out in and I feel good going back to winning over a large sample.  It might just be one of those things were limit he and limit O8 are just my best games.  I might be able to make myself a breakeven player in NL or PLO but I think maybe my best bet will be those two games.  Mind you I'm not too bad at tournies and might play more when I get time when the snow flies.  I think its important for any good player to realize what they can be most profitable at and use it to their advantage.  Especially for us low limit guys were the fish are plentiful and the games are many across all the sites.  Right now though I think until FTP updates their iron man program the Stars stellar rewards is the way to go.  It doesn't take too long to get the first two $10 ones and they go straight to your account.  As much as I love FTP, Stars may be starting to win me over.


Side note: There is a group that I know of and it is filled with amazingly good tourney players.  One of them just took 2nd in a FTOPS for 100k.  He is the man and it dfoesn't take too many tips from him to make you a winning player.  But for now it min bet so that means:



Anyways other than that I just have one more picture from the bike rally for you all.  Its always nice when some girls in bikinis are willing to wash my bike for me.  There is never anything wrong with that.  I could have took some more racy pictures however that would have felt too exploitive lol.  I atleast was able to pay them for a service of washing my bike and such.  Anyways I'm sure Ross and Zimba will have atleast one interesting thing to say.  And I won't delve into each of their interesting qualities.  But it does feel good to be baller every now and then.  Notice my ace of spades patch on my vest.  Anyways keep the chips in your stack boys and girls!


jpeterson007 Added 8/31/10 1:08pm
Atleast you have faith in me!
RossG Added 8/31/10 1:02pm
Lol, just be a man of action, turn the bike on and take off... what's the worst that can happen lol. The girl with the leg tat is def down for whatever u want lol.
jpeterson007 Added 8/31/10 12:53pm
Lol no way I'm that smooth.
RossG Added 8/31/10 12:47pm
Lol, you bring em back to your ranch?
jpeterson007 Added 8/31/10 12:44pm
Yeah its sad for you guys I'm such a camera hog and didn't just have the girls looking nice on the bike.
RossG Added 8/31/10 12:39pm
LOL, that's a great picture. Straight pimpin. ;) thanks for thinking of me ;)
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