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Date Posted: Aug. 14, 10:23am, 2 Comments

I know I know not too much of a crazy title but I have never been good with titles.  Well things have been movin on for me.  Just trying to keep the wheels turning.  As far as the farming goes it has been the usual schedule of lots of work.  Because of the way the year has gone I have had to spend a little more time on the high clearance than usual to keep things extra clean.  Luckily it has been a little more spread out than usual so I haven't had to spend four or five days in a row on it.  Really now once again I am just waiting for the crops to ripen so I can get out there and get them back in the bin.  On the weird side of things we are still waiting for some product to be picked up and moved were usually we have all of that done by now.  I'm sure they will be sending lots of trucks at once and that will be cleaned up in a couple of days.  With moving product at the end of the year sometimes it is better to get it all done at once then it is only one or two days of shoveling bin bottoms and it doesn't really drag out.  Other than that there isn't too much to update in the business arena.


As far as my wild and wacky personal life goes it is probably lacking slightly in both of those areas right now.  I did get to go to the motorcycle rally I have been to for the last four years so it is good to keep the streak up.  This year we rode down all in one day however which was ok but started to get a little tiring at the end due to the heat.  I was pretty tired so I really just hung around my hotel and the downtown area a little bit.  Didn't feel like getting too crazy on my bike though I did take my bike out past a mine to a secluded little spot by a river.  Didn't do much for me though so I hammered it down back to the hotel.  I did go to the MMA fights again with my friends Josh and Jill and some of their friends.  They were ok again per usual but nothing spectacular happened this year and I think they slimmed down the card.  Of course the degen in me bet on almost every fight with the loser getting first pick in the next fight.  It was really just to trash talk each other more than anything.  I'm not sure but the rally seemed a little more toned down than the last couple of years.  A little less craziness and not so many drunk chicks.  Probably has something to do with the economy and not so many people travelling from a distance.  They also didn't have the same campground space available this year either as well.  On a sad note I did not make it to the bikini car wash this year.  I did try but it seems everytime I went down there, they were on lunch break or something.  So that pretty much covers the rally I know it seems kind of boring but really I didn't do as much this year as on other years.  Plus I was down there for one less day this year.


Yes I still am a degen but not a stud master yet.  I had a nice little upswing to start out with about a month and a half ago.  Which of course was followed by a downswing that was a little worse than the upswing.  I think I'm working through it and probably am slightly better than a break even player right now.  I went back and re watched some stud8 vids by ChipsaHoyas and some Razz vids by Dr Razz.  That really helped me just tweak my game enough.  I think that if I hit a little bit of run good I would see my graph shoot up.  The only problem is that in micro stud8 it is sometimes hard to scoop lots of pots or get people caught in the middle for extra bets because the play is so passive.  Luckily though usually when I scoop a pot I am able to get a couple extra raises in and take down a more than average size pot.  Something to keep working at as always but sometimes I still want to play a little PLO.  However to this point I have been strong in my endeavor of soley playing one game right now.  It has always been part of my downfall to try and play too many games at once, that usually throws off my style.  


I did submit a stud8 leakfinder to CR to be looked at.  Not sure if or when it might be made into a video but I'm hoping it will be.  I think I could learn a lot from that.  


I'm still playing backgammon as well.  Mainly just daily move games on daily gammon where I have plenty of time to make moves and whatnot.  My elo rating is actually looking quite nice right now and maybe I'll break 1800 by the end of harvest.  I think my biggest downfall is that I don't consistently win my 5 and 7 point matches which would have a greater effect on my elo than all the 1 pointers I win.  I'm also still working by way through the books Modern Backgammon by Robertie, and New Ideas in Backgammon by Woolsey.  


It has sucked a little bit because I haven't had time to spend trolling the forums as I usually do.  There are lots of great resources out there in the forums right now and I haven't been able to really capitalize on this.  Hopefully I can get more learning time in once the snow flies.  I'm still not 100% sure all what I will be doing this winter but as always I would really like to try and move both my poker and backgammon game forward to a high level.  Mind you there will be many things I will want to do right now but that always changes when the duldrums of winter hit.  Well thats all for now so everyone take it easy, Oh yeah Zimba we have to catch up soon, miss bein able to chat as much as we do in the winter months, hope all is well with you and the family.(You need to start tweeting more)

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