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Date Posted: Jul. 3, 11:58am, 1 Comment

Wow, I never thought I would go this long without an update or I never meant to anyways.  But thats how some summers go on the farm.  We had some pretty terrible weather throughout April and May.  This of course means that if there are days I can't work then it all gets pushed back into the middle of the summer. It also seems that everytime I think I am caught up this year and maybe can relax a bit something else either goes wrong or comes up causing much more work than usual.  Add all the yard work to do on a acre sized farm and things keep you pretty busy.  Luckily I haven't went completely mental yet or so its hard to tell.  


I did luckily get my bike out for a day and a half last weekend luckily.  Just a quick 250 miles out and back in.  Got to catch up with an old friend and take her on a ride that I promised her three years ago when we first met.  She was explaining to her friends at the bar how we met and she talked about how she just had to talk to me because my top half was harley but my bottom half was farmer so she had to find out what kind of person made up that combination.  Good times good times.  


I really wish I was getting down to the WSOP this year.  It seems that the CardRunners crew is going on a tear with lots of deep runs and a couple of bracelets out of Matt Matros and Eric Rodawig.  Once again reaffirming my belief that poker is a skill game.  Still its sad that I'll be working my sack off while everyone from the online community will be down there living it up and having a good time.  I really wanted to make it this year and there was a slight chance but I got a call last week and they want my canola at the terminal so I'll be in the semi all week getting all my product in so I can finally get paid for last years crop, or some of it anyways.  In the downtime from that I'll be throwing around some granular fertilizer that got damp and needs to get out before it turns into a cement like block in the bin and then I have a major problem.


As far as degeneracy goes nothing too interesting.  The last three weeks I have pretty much broke even on my sports betting.  I hit some long shots and that evens out some of the -150's that I miss on.  I'm probably between 50 and 60%.  Even though the CFL season started this week and I thought the early lines were soft but all the favorites under performed and so I am 0-3 in that so far with all the underdogs covering.  I have one more chance today and it wasn't really a decision as my team is playing so I always take them anyways.  I guess the thing that sucked was in all three games I looked like an easy spot but after halftime things changed and the underdog got some points while the favorites offences didn't perform at all getting very few second half points.  Funny how my favorite CFL team and condom are the same thing so lets go Rough Riders.


Poker is still poker, and the games have been extremely soft since balck Friday.  There are a few times of the day when its seemed there weren't very many tables but I could still find action.  With lots of russian and eastern european players the micro PLO games were wild and I have never seen so many awkward shoves before in my life.  I mean like bottom pair no draws and I think I even saw one guy flip over absolutely nothing except a backdoor flush draw.  I mean I'm sure he had something but it just didn't seem like it.  I have played a little on Party since FTP went down since thats where my sportsbetting funds are.  I'll probably move to stars when I have time.  I'm kinda sad about FTP but really not surprised.  They weren't running their day to day operations as they should be and are paying for it now.  How this is an era when many large corporations are going down these paths of destruction for themselves so in any industry you are likely to see one or two companies that end up wiping themselves out.  Hopefully the players will get paid eventually and FTP can rebrand themselves because they have alot to offer the online poker community as far as software and gaming goes.


Also I guess I should mention black Friday as well.  I guess we all knew there was a chance this would happen someday in the current environment.  With FTP acting the way it was it became an inevitablility that the big online companies servicing the US were going to get looked at.  I mean FTP wasn't operating properly, neither was Cake or AP/UB.  So in a way those companies probably brought this down on ourselves.  If all companies were head down and working hard it may have made it harder for them to be indicted but there is still a good chance it would have happened anyways.  The only really depressing thing I find is that my US counterparts can't play.  I'm sure it will be legalized one day and maybe sonner than we think.  Even though there would be that waiting period it would be better than no poker at all.  It may even work out better for the companies who get liscensed because there will be such a fever as the date of legalization approaches people will go crazy once the flood gates are open.  I'll even accept having a segregated player pool if it means that US players can play.  Other than that not much crazy poker news to report.


I guess one last thing is I watched a movie called California Split the other day.  It's like mid 80's and has Elliot Gould in it.  Pretty much a movie about gambling and what it means and even though it's old it is pretty comical to me and there are some good lessons in it.  Also there is a scene with Amarillo Slim in it so that in itself makes it worth watching.  Guess thats all for now so everyone keep their heads above water and keep playing the pokaz. 

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