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Date Posted: Mar. 7, 2:43pm, 3 Comments

I know its amazing two updates in such close proximity.  However if I don't write this down then I'll forget and I won't be able to remember this all.  Quick boring life update- I sat in a little cold shack most of the week or outside.  When hallucinating because of the cold these great ideas come to me. 


Last weekend I bought some steps tickets on FTP with points and tryed to live the dream and win a 10k package.  Sadly I didn't make it all the way.  I ended up a few steps away though I think it is possible.  The games are very exploitable at the mid/high levels with all the opponents seeming to play very much the same tagish style.  Oh well maybe another day I'll give it a run.  I wonder what the policy is on those if you can take the money instead of the package.  Also they do take up a good amount of time so you can burn a weekend with very little variance in how much it is going to cost you.


All right now on to the more serious type of poker talk.  Everyone needs an edge in the game.  Skill obviously goes a long way but there are other mental and emotional factors that make them a complete player.  One must find their edge and use it to exploit their opponents so they can win.  Back when I was in university my edge was always my drive to get the money.  I just wanted it more than the other players.  This is why I was also successful in my athletic endeavors.  I just put my mind in a place that wants in more than the opponent.  A mindset like this can help overcome lots of mediocre skill.  And I was a winner.  Then I graduated and took some time off in my first year to show that I didn't have an obsessive addiction with poker.  When I came back things had changed.  My edge had somewhat dissappeared as my financial status was more secure.  My poker winnings were not like a part time job anymore.  I could afford the same things without those winnings.  I have struggled in keeping my new edge sharp or even finding it at times.  This has left me wondering at what resources I should now explore to get my edge back.  I need to get my edge back or I will continue my break even and losing ways.  Maybe there is a good book out there for me though I have read the new Alan Shoonmaker book.  This leads me to my next topic.


I need a new challenge.  I have did most of the bankroll challenges.  However thats how I built my roll to begin with.  So what should I take on next?  I am thinking of trying my 90 man MTT challenge again.  I really want to get good at them.  I think there would be nothing more powerful than being able to make the proper resteal moves and whatnot.  Other than that I may also want to try a NL challenge like Verneer.  There are plenty of mount micro videos to go through and I truly believe that I have the skill set to transfer over to NL cash though it is really my least played game historically.  I'm not sure right now that I would be able to pull together enough of a game to try a PLO challenge.  I may also accept challenges from an PC members who want to play a set of HU SNGs against me.  This would be of course at micro stakes but could be agreed upon.  We could do either a first to a certain $ amount, or just a set of 10 or whatever.  I think this would just be fun and of course could get some PC rail action or at least a sweet trash talking thread in the forums.  So challenge me.


Lastly this last weekend was the Climax bonspiel which equals a great dance.  This gives me the chance to let you into what its like in small town SK.  The dance had about 75-100 people at it.  Which is quite abit since thats about half the population of Climax itself.  About 10 of us were the younger folk.  Somehow I luckboxed a raffle draw, winning a SD chargers hat, go mug, and a foot stool.  I gave away the foot stool though since what do I need a foot stool for and friends of mine have a daughter that needed it so she could reach the sink when she brushes her teeth.  I know I'm a standup guy. 


I was going to write about my weekend here but I wrote it out and it turned out to read terrible and wasn't that interesting so sorry about that.  Maybe I'll be able to sharpen up a drunken adventure for the next blog.  Hope everyone is keeping all their chips in their own stack.

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Date Posted: Mar. 1, 12:12pm, 2 Comments

Its been too long yet again since my last update.  Though I wanted to get a few more hands in before I came in for a real update.  Other than that let me update you on the boring stuff first.  It's been cold and windy for the most part.  I have been doing a little writing and a little work here and there.  Being back home has given me the chance to throw a few curling stones as well.  However my knee is only upfor limited action so I'm going to only be playing in one bonspiel this year which will be my home one and skipping Climax.  This is sad because now instead of two weeks of drunkeness I only get one.  I know how sad is that.  Oh did I mention I got a tattoo?  Yeah I did and it looks pretty darn good if you ask me.  I'll put up a picture when it is touched up and all healed.  My body and red ink really don't get along I found out.  It really is quite the process and getting it done is really a nice relaxing pain. 


Quick side not were are you RossG?  I miss your blogs.


On to the poker.  I'm not going to post any hands because I played pretty brutal this week.  I played a little NL for fun and a little PLO.  Both were very interesting.  I think my first all in in PLO went five handed.  I had top set and knew there was no way I could win with that many opponents in.  I mean with that many opponents in my only chance is to try and hit a boat or quads.  And a boat in that situation suck because there is a good chance middle and bottom set are out there.  So I was like good start good start.  Then my game just went downhill.  I lost all patience over the last couple days and played way too many hands way too aggressively.  We all know what happens next, either I run good or run bad.  Thats really all there is too it.  I guess you could say I ran medicore and only lost like 5 bi.  Which someguys don't even know they have started a session until they are 5 bi down or up.  NL of course is much softer due to the huge player pool.  I didn't run real stellar here losing a couple buyins in dominating situations.    Then I lost a couple in other spots were I probably shouldn't have got it in but did.  It is really important to be able to classify your opponents because there really are two different types it seems at the micros.  Guys who get it in with anything and guys who get it in with nutted hands.  If you can accomplish seperating the two you'll be much better off.  Sadly for me my judgement was a little off.


I played on multi entry tournament as well.  It was super soft and almost took one buyin of my four deep.  The great thing is that min cashes are even more useless so it really pushed me to try and build a stack.  However it was a turbo and I didn't quite push hard enough.  I was knocked out when I got 88 in against 99.  The with 1bb left I got AA and then QQ back to back.  Sadly with 5bb left I lost with the QQ hand and was out.  I like the structure though because instead of playing 4 tournies you can play one with four entries.  This way you only have to focus on one and its running time instead of trying to get four coordinated at once.  However once you get to your last buyin it get really boring.  Next tourney I think i need to work on my restealing.  There are some plays like this I don't use enough which really inhibits my chances of a deep run.  I know what I should do but pulling the trigger is always twice as hard.  Well I hope everyone is having a good run and I'm happy or Aronimik who finally FT'd a freeroll.  Maybe next time he'll win. Latas

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