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Date Posted: Jan. 14, 9:54am, 0 Comments

It has been a few days since my last update.  There really hasn't been that much interesting going on though so don't feel like I've been keeping my good stories to myself.  A lot of what is going on right now on the farm is planning for next year.  So I am in contemplative thought most of the day. And if I'm not I am pretty good at pretending as well.  Also we move some product in the winter so when the call comes in I have to spend lots of time on the road just hauling in the years harvest.  Luckily most of our crop is picked up on the farm so I really don't have it too bad. The tough part is that with winter driving you never know what to expect and driving a semi can be fairly difficult.  The don't speed up very fast and they don't slow down very fast either.  Plus someone always wants to do something that is a little awkward for you.  The other day I was coming up a slight slope and noticed there were two tractors blocking and stopped in my lane. I ended up having to stop in some fresh snow.  I'm not sure what happened but I couldn't get any momentum going again and needed a little pull.  Sometimes in that spot your trailer brakes will stick just a little bit making it a little more difficult to get your wheels turning.  Oh well I guess alls well that ends well however it did make my blood pressure rise that day.


As for poker there isn't too much exciting going on.  I'm not playing my A game all the time still which is always concerning.  I have been playing a smattering of games as well just for fun.  I've been switching between deepstack PLO with an ante, stud and lhe.  Depending on my mood I like all these games for different reasons. However I really do think that my game theoretically continues to improve and my decision making is getting better.  Maybe I'll get lucky and start to run overly well.  That always keeps me motivated.  Luckily it seems though that the poker landscape on the surface hasn't changed much even with all the publicity from the bill.  It may be scary though to see what is really going on behind the curtains.  I am not sure if people are having problems with the payment processors or not.  I'm sure deep down though all the guys at FTP and Stars are ready for almost any situation that could befall the industry.  There is just too much money still out there in this for them not to have a few contigency plans in place.  Oh well I guess we can all stay on the grind a little bit longer.  Hope everyone is playing well and enjoying these months.

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