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Date Posted: Jul. 25, 9:27pm, 0 Comments

Well I shall continue on with my trip report from the annual run I make on my harley down to the Iron Horse rodeo and Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge Montana.  Also please be patient for my pictures.  The file sizes seem to be too large and I haven't figured out in the limited time so far to make them smaller.  Once I do though there will be plenty to go around.


I last left off at about four thirty in the morning in a very drunken state.  However I was able to keep everything under control and try to get some sleep.  My plan didn't work very well.  Us farmers are the morning type and usual adhere to the schedule we were on before we left for vacation.  If I am awake I can be sure atleast half of my traveling companions will also be up.  This time it was around 7:30 I rolled over in bed.  My first thought was who left the window open to let the cat in that shit in my mouth.  Then I realized that I was just very hung over.  So I grabbed a quick showever and threw on my gear to find out what lay instore for me.  I realized that almost the entire group I was travelling with was up at this point but still in drunken haze of a state.  We wandered around and got our bikes packed up and shiny for the next leg of our journey. 


I had to stop at the Harley dealership first before I could take off down the road.  A couple guys came with me and some other stayed back for a little bit before meeting us there.  One bike got the hell out of there and drove straight through to our next destination.  So the rest of us stuck around the Harley dealership for a little too long trying to let the fog lift before we headed out onto the interstate.  The day wouldn't be all interstate riding however because we were going to go a round about way to have lunch in a sweet little spot called Roscoe before traveling the last twenty odd miles to Red Lodge.  However we didn't count on one thing.  We should have turned around at the sign that said be Motorcycles Turn Around Here. Road Construction Ahead.


However we like to think of ourselves as skilled riders and how could we not take on this challenge.  Whats the worst than can happen at a slow speed like this in road construction?  Obviously we made the mistake of underestimating our foe.  Possibly things maybe wouldn't have been so bad if the entire sky wasn't spinning....or the ground for that matter....or anything I tried to focus on.  It was only ten or eleven in the morning but I had started off stripped down to as little riding gear up top as I could.  My leather vest was definitely tattoed to my upper body with nothing but the heat and sweat I was putting off.  Anyways I carried on stoically through the rocks, mud, dust, and grooved roads that can tear your back tire apart.  Obviously we should have turned around at the sign.  We were all over the road trying to go slow behind the pilot truck in front of us. 


Luckily we made it for lunch in Roscoe.  We had a very pretty nineteen year old waitress.  The first thing before we ordered was that one of our party licked her arm.  I could see the alcohol consumption wasn't effecting everyone.  Most of the guys ate like lions ordering 16oz prime ribs and such....I ordered chicken strips.  I think that they even gave me the childrens order.  Luckily I didn't need very much to eat but I sure did enjoy the pitcher of lemonade I had.


So we rolled on out of Roscoe of course amid the usual small town stares that we get when we roll through.  Only twenty two mile left to our destination.  In a way I'm surprised I made it.  I was riding sloppy and I knew it so I toned it down a notch to keep from floating out too fast on a corner and ending my vacation before it really got started. 


We got into Red Lodge late in my opinion but it had been a really long day and a half.  Most everyone then decided to split up a little bit to see what wonderful things we could find.  Some immediately went to eat again, some went to grab some beer, and the others like me went downtown to see if there were any new vendors.  I spent the rest of the day eating sausages with pepper and onions.  Drinking a few beers to get rid of my hangover and visiting with old friends.  I also made some plans for the rest of the week.  Places to ride to and people to see.  There were MMA fights to come as well as a Buckcherry concert.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I get lost on my way home and find myself in one of the softest poker games ever which by the end of the night got very deep stacked.

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Date Posted: Jul. 20, 11:57am, 2 Comments

Well I know its been awhile but I just got back from my annual motorcycle trip down to Red Lodge Montana.  Once again it was a weekend filled with fattening food, girls in body paint, and yes even a little poker.  I'm going to just start writing though I doubt I can put it all in one blog alone. 


It all started last Wednesday about a week ago.  I took off from the farm at about 10 in the morning filled with the excitement and anticipation of what was to come.  As alway as soon as I hit the highway I twisted the throttle on my harley right when I new I would hit the maximium power band for that gear and RPM level.  I never get sick of the feeling of having the carb open up and my electronic fuel module pump as much gas into the engine as possible because it knows I want power.  I rocketed down the highway for five minutes and then had to stop and wait for the rest of the group to show up.  We had I think 20-24 bikes with us this year.  We started out with 12 and then the rest showed up a couple of days later. 


We all took off in one roaring pack and rode for another ten minutes and then we reached the US Canadian border.  This is always a process as they check every license and license plate.  As well as opening up all of our luggage and the like.  We are all very dangerous individuals you see.  Anyways we all made it through.  However by the time we all got through the first group was into the next town at the bar all ready.  Well it was almost noon so how could you blame us?  So we stopped and had a quick cold one and caught up with our riding partners.


We mounted up and peeled out for the next three stops before our final destination.  We stop every hour or around there just for a break and ice cream.  Most of our party like to keep themselves cool while we ride.  Mind you we usually only have ice cream at the places that don't have beer.  However after these stops we finally made it to our final destination of the night which was Laurel Montana, a subarb I guess of Billings were an oil plant is located.


After a quick call home and a shower we were off for supper.  Mexican was the choice of the night, and I could tell that this would not end well at all.  Lucky if the tequila would stay behind the bar and I didn't feel like riding with an upset stomach the next day.  However we usually don't always think of these things at the time.  So we all finished our tacos, fajitas and burritos.  However now it was time to look for something else to do.  Obviously the strip club Shotgun Willies was the first choice.


This was when we realized there was no cab service in Laurel.  Luckily enough one of our group was able to coerce a couple of the local females to give us a ride out there and back from the strip club.  I'm not going to lie the entire group was saddened by the Wed. night lineup at Shotguns.  There were a couple wild and crazy moments as always with one of our group ending up lying on the stage at some points.  All I'll say is I feel bad for certain parts of his anatomy strippers can be pretty rough.  And obviously we wanted her to get/be as rough as possible.  However we only stayed for about an hour before we decided to go back to the Mexican place/bar right by our restaurant.  Somehow we made it back even though I was sure our driver was one of those crazy city drivers. 


Well now that we were only a short crawl away from our hotel the real drinking could begin.  I'm not even sure of all the different types of alcohol I ingested.  I do know I did do a shot of Jack Daniels with a Mountain Dew chaser after.  I drank some blue concoction that looked like the stuff barbers put their combs in.  And some purple stuff as well.  Things obviously start to get hazy at this point.  However I do know I pumped the jukebox full of dollars all night long.  Oh and there were some guys there dressed up like inmates with the orange pants and such.  We almost got in a fight with them.  I have no reason why all I know is it happened.  There were also two girls there that I can only assume were hookers.  I can also assume that one of them used to be a man.  They were hanging out with the guys in the orange pants and getting jiggy to Busta Rhymes and Ludacris.  It was at that point I kept stuffing money into the jukebox so no more of that style of music came one.  We who ride harleys are not into crumping. 


Well eventually the bar closed down and we had to go back to the hotel.  Someone suggested a party in my room.  I'm guessing they were thinking that me being the young guy that it would be a good idea.  So we stumbled back across the parking lot with a couple extras from the bar and kept drinking until about 4:30 5 am.  This is when I finally got everyone out of our room, and into their own.  Stay tuned to see what happens next.  Also I'm trying to get my pictures to upload or this blog however I'm having some file size issues so keep checking back for those as well.



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Date Posted: Jul. 2, 8:43am, 2 Comments

Well another July 1st has come and past.  Of course it was filled with all things Canadian though I guess I didn't see a beaver and I didn't eat anything involving maple syrup.  However there was some football, a parade, and some adult scale beverages.  So it was a great day and I'm very interested to see how the rest of my weekend turns out. 


I do feel bad that I haven't updated for awhile but I've been working like a crazy person trying to get ready for this weekend and trying to get ahead on my work so I had nothing to worry about.  This has created some long 16 hour days in a row but somehow I made it through it all. 


When I've been playing I've been crushing pretty good.  Out of my last couple sessions I decided to play some shorter regular 9 man SNG's.  I have been averaging 3 cashes out of the 4 tables I have been playing.  This though doesn't mean much as its way to small of a sample size.  However with some run even a guy can crush these games fairly easily.  People are still willing to stack off way light as in A10 calling an early position all in from middle position.  Sometimes you have to win some flips and such but there are lots of harder things to do out there. 


I've got to that place again were I just enjoy playing some cards.  So I've just been playing enjoying trying to be the best I can be, and winning.  There may be something to this.


Also congrats to Zimba on the great interview with Scotty Nguyen.  I have always enjoyed him and thought the interview was great.  If any of you know anything about Scotty he really does say baby that much.  Anyways this is all for now if I think of anything deep and interesting I'll plug it in.   

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