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Date Posted: May. 27, 11:32am, 3 Comments

I'm a farmer and I ride a motorcycle.  Two things that don't ever exactly scream safety on the entire scope of either things.  Farming is still in the top 10 most dangerous jobs out there and you can seriously injure yourself on a motorcycle as well.  Mind you I've always been sort of a thrill seeker in a way.  I have scars, a chipped tooth, and concussions from dirtbiking and snowboarding.  That doesn't include the sprained ankles and wrists along with other issues I've had.


Zimba and I were chatting about my blog the other day and he mentioned how he enjoyed my last couple and that they seem suspenseful like something bad might happen to me but it never does.  Well that is pretty much the case I still have a lasting issue from an incident that happened on one of my very first five day trips on my old Yamaha motorcycle.  Don't get me wrong the outcome probably is the best case scenario that could have happened because the other option is almost 100% death however I don't always run life good.


It was a warm day in the mountains in late June in the summer of 2003 as I pulled my VStar around switchback after switchback.  The smaller 1100cc bike could really handle and was the biggest I could handle with my limited experience in the mountains.  However I was thinking I would need to upgrade to a bigger Harley someday and get rid of the very electric sounding rice grinding horse I was on.  I also remember I was sweating because as hot as it was I still wasn't taking off my kevlar jacket with full body armour and back plate.  I was still in the stage in which over 80% of new riders take their backs down in due to lack of experience so I wasn't really into taking anymore of a chance than I all ready was.



I was cutting around the back end of a switchback doing about 35-40 mph when I spotted a large RV coming around the bend.  I was still in the habit of easing into the outside of my lane in these situations to give myself extra time and space in case the geriatric behind the wheel crossed the line on me which isn't too common as they do have issues with those rigs on mountain roads.  However as I started into the apex of the corner I saw the white car that was in my lane and pulled out to pass this RV.  Pulled out on a blind switchback in the mountains right beside an RV and coming straight for me.


There are only ever a couple options in this situations especially in the mountains were you are either against a rock wall or going of the edge of the cliff.  So you can either try and dodge whats coming at you, lay it down into the cliff, or hit them dead on.  None of which are very good.


The guys behind me said they don't know how I did it, but I took my bike onto the non-existent shoulder of the road, as we passed three wide on the curve.  I had about and extra four inches of road before the cliff dropped a couple hundred feet.  Pretty much the width of my tire was on a soft piece of asphalt and gravel.  I had less distance between me and the car.  I'm sure I brushed it with my arm and the mirror of the car missed my elbow by less than two inches.  I didn't have the room to turn around or else I would have and the guy in the white car would have not been in good shape but I didn't.  I continued on having some quality alone time to think about the experience I just had.


I wish the story ended there but it doesn't.  I acted like the whole incident didn't bother me but apparently it had a deeper psychological effect.  I had never slept walked before that night, but that night, I got up on my bed in my sleep and jumped from it to the desk in the hotel room.  I then commenced to rip the phone out of the wall and throw it.  Obvsiously, this racket woke my father up who was on the trip as well.  He says I was in a very ferrel position on the desk and looked ready for a fight.  He asked me what was wrong and I kept repeating the man in the white car was trying to kill me.  Eventually he got me off the desk and back in bed.  I don't remember any of it until the next morning when I asked why I was so sore.  I almost broke a leg when it made contact with the desk first and my hands had blood blisters on them from God knows what.  I didn't escape quite as perfectly as I went in.


The sleep walking is now a habit I have never been able to shake and the doctor says there isn't much I can do about it but learn how to control it which I am getting better at.  However last week during a little bit of stress(when it seems to act up the most) I found myself waking up with my 27" flatscreen in my arms.  In my dream the TV was a rock and I was going to throw it through a window I needed to escape through.  However deep down I guess Zimba is right I do always seem to escape dangerous situations with little or no consequences seeing as how that situation could have been much worse.  Thats why now for me the road goes on forever and the party never ends.  The video below is a reminder of how even though things are bad they could almost always be worse or leave you not breathing.




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Date Posted: May. 25, 9:40am, 2 Comments

Well how is it going everyone?  Things are going pretty good here it has been cold and a little rainy over the last few days.  However it has went somewhat crazy over the last night and really gave us a nice rain shower.  So we will see how much work actually gets done outside in the next day and a little.


Well I guess I have to tell this story since my last blog, but then maybe after that I will have to stop with the stories just for a little to allow for some buildup for the next one.  Try to make it as suspensful as possible to hear about some wild and crazy thing I did.


Well this story happened a couple years back on a fairly long trip that took me through B.C. down into Montana, Idaho and even a little into Washington for a day.  However this incident happened in Missoula Montana on a warm summer evening.



After a nice mexican dinner we had split up with some people going back to the hotel, but the crazies were going out to the bar.  Now in Missoula they have a street were most of the bars and night action go down.  As we were walking down the street from a few blocks away I could see what seemed to be a female walking towards me.  Not only that it seemed like she was dressed like a hooker.  Skimpy white top, short shorts, and knee high/high heeled hooker boots.  So obviously being deprived of these sites for much of the summer I thought I should probably inspect this situation more closely.  As she walked closer I could tell or as it seemed she had all of the proper parts.  Except when she finally got to the same sidewalk as me I could notice this particular individual had some testicles as they were falling out the bottom of the shorts.  Now I'm not judging, I'm just saying that is definitly not my thing.  So we continued on down the street to what seemed like a fashionable place to hang out. 


Well not before I had finished my first beer guess who walks in a sits within relative closeness to this guy.  Deifnitly the girl with the testicles hanging out of his shorts.  And to only make matters worse this girl is definitly trying to make eyes with me and get my attention.  Maybe it was the leather, maybe it was my svelte frame I'm not sure however I decided at this time it was best to probably leave the current situation just to avoid future unlpleasantness. 


So I started to walk down the street and saw a couple of good looking blond girls.  This time there was definitely no balls I checked thoroughly this time.  So I started following them with crew in tow to see were they went.  Next thing I know they vanish into a building.  No sign, no lights, windows boarded up, kind of looks like a barrel full of sketch.  But they were hot and I was up for an adventure and to try and put some new memories in my head so I walked in.  It turns out this place was probably one of the most hoppin bars in the city, and just jam packed.  Maybe they kept it that way to keep tourists like me out.  Anyways it seemed like a good place to be so we ordered some drinks.


Well it wasn't long until I found myself situated by the pool table.  This was back when I was still fairly proficient at it from playing way to much in my first few years of University.  Anyways I start chatting it up with the people around there and put my money down.  However they were playing partners, and no one with me wanted to play.  So for some reason I started talking to this other group of people right by us.  It turns out they were zoologists from the area who had just returned to the US after sutdying there.  Sadly though one of their members lost his arm over there.  I can't really remember how but I think it involved a rhino.  However these people seemed really nice and me and the fellow with one armed decided to team up to play pool against a couple of guys wearing khakis and golf shirts.  There was no way this could end up good for them.


However before I get too far I should introduce another interesting character.  He was a hippy, and he had no shoes.  And I don't mean hippy as in a younger generation, this guy was definitly the real deal and probably was in Vietnam.  He had the tie dye shirt, and for some reason decided he was going to position himself by me at the bar so he could spout of whatever rhetoric was in his head that night.  Also he was very touchy feely for some reason.  So you have to think of the site.  Me it my bike gear, this hippy with no shoes standing over my shoulder being very clingy, and my pool partner with one arm. 


Now it was getting very late.  One of my crew was kinda passed out in a corner, except if you put a beer in his hand he would drink it and so we figured we were good to go.  This however is when all hell broke loose.  One of the khaki wearing individuals said something about the one armed guys wife, and I may or may not have said something about his girlfriend who by this time had found our group way more interesting than her own.  Now this didn't look good not at all.  It looked so bad the hippy went to another bar completly.  Well the insults kept flying back and forth and things were getting pretty tense.  However there were only two of them and about 6 of us.  And I'm sure they felt it would have been best if they hadn't said anything at all.  So they just took their leave without anything serious happening to them except losing a little bit of pride over the whole ordeal.  By this time it was last call so I decided to our leave and head back to the hotel.  Another night of wild and crazy behaviour behind me.  I never saw the blonds again which is a shame.

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Date Posted: May. 20, 12:32pm, 4 Comments

Hey guys

Long time no update I know.  However work has been very busy the last few weeks but is now on the downslide since we finished seeding a couple days ago.  I'd be out doing some other field work but it is a little windy and rainy so that makes that a no go for right now.  Hopefully later in the day I'll be able to get back out there and keep the wheels in motion.  Also now this blog has been edited to answer some questions.  I will try to protect the innocent.


Speaking of wheels in motion when working late, I like to visualize why I work hard and what comes of that hard work.  That always in turn leads me to thinking about my motorcycle and all the great times I've had and of course I would enjoy those trips to continue so it always keeps me motivated to keep working hard so these good times can continue.  This train of thought always leads me to think of all the funny things or interesting things that have happened to me.  So I thought I would share a couple of the stories with you guys for your enjoyment as well. 


I think one of the best stories involving me was at the Beartooth Rally and Ironhorse Rodeo a couple years ago.  After a long day of partying at the concert at the Snow Creek Bar the people I was with decided to go back to a house party and keep the party going.  When in the US it is always easy to party day and night due to the fact you can drink beer all day and switch to something harder at night and be ok. 

So we get to this house and keep drinking and having a good time.  So wandering around I notice there is a hot tub.  Now who doesn't enjoy getting in a hottub after a long day of having a good time. 

However I don't have a suit or anything like that, plus I wanted to wear my underwear home.  Because who wants wet underwear and such and so on.  So I stripped down and hopped in.  Next thing I know my clothes taken by some almost middle aged women.  They took my clothes because well who wouldn't want to see me naked maybe is the real question.  Though there was no other types of shenanigans going on that night.  Except I think the tri-polar lead singer of the band may have wanted to get a piece of the seventies bush however I wasn't ready for a barrel full of that crazy.  So of course I had to go chase them down and get my clothes back so I could get back to my hotel with less of a chance of being stopped by the cops.  It is also maybe important to note that my Dad was there and didn't help me at all.  Needless to say my nickname for the rest of the trip was "seventies bush" which in retrospect may be better than if they called me stretch or something.  After this I went home to bed as it was about 4am by this time however if I remember there was a struggle to get me in the van as I was ready to keep on rocking.

I think I will end my shocking revelations there, and possibly look forward to more of my wacky stories to come.  Maybe I'll tell the one about that involved a transvesite, a one armed zoologist, and a hippy who refused to wear shoes.

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Date Posted: May. 8, 5:37pm, 0 Comments

Hey guys,

You know I've been sitting around thinking about things and the way agriculture is perceived by the general public.  There are plenty of people out there telling you how good organic food is for you and this that and the other thing.  I also realized that most people out there are misinformed or don't really understand what organic means or why it would possibly be that good for you.  The companies toting these products around tell you they are better for you because they have less chemicals and such used on them, so they are better for you.  They also demand a premium price for these products.


Well I'm here today to let you know that organics are not better for you in any way than crops grown in what has become a more traditional fashion.  In some cases it is actually harder on the environment and the like for a crop to be organic.  The only case when organics may have a chance is when you are talking about certain fruits and vegetables grown in certain regions.  If there is no spray used on them of course the product may be a little better.  However most regions that use heavy irrigation in which the water is waste water taken from somewere else and recycled the differences are most likely negligible.  In there has been more obvious cases of sickness (salmonella) caused by irrigation then you have ever heard of in the last five years due to pesticide use in these crops.


However in field crops such as wheat, corn, or soybeans the organic label doesn't mean much and here is why.  In the cropping season there are a few select times when the crops are sprayed.  This is right away before the crop is out of the ground, and when the crop is very small.  And when I mean small I mean the plant is only a few leaves and shoots, without even a stem or anything as such.  This means that after the crop is sprayed it grows and develops for month afterwards with anything that would be for human consumption not being developed until late in the season.  This means that there is no way that there is any direct contact between seed and spray.  There is the occasional time when a crop does have to be sprayed late in the season that it is sprayed.  But this is only on rare occasions and that type of crop is used for animal feed than human consumption.


Next obviously most field crops go through such a strenous process to go into the food that there is very little chance that a trace of chemical could get in the food.  I would say though I haven't researched it that you are more likely to intake chemicals from the packaging and its components than the actual product itself.


So the only difference really then between organics and non organics is that there has been no chemicals applied to the soil in organics compared to what is applied in regular crops whether or not it affects the actual crop or not in any way.  They just don't tell you that it doesn't really affect anything or even happen when a seed is formed. 


Now hopefully this has given you guys a bit of an insight into why organics and non organic food products have very little difference in the end product.  You can buy them if it makes you feel better, or allows you to feel like you fit in, but you are getting no better of a product and  are paying more money for it.  I just thought you guy should know. 

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