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Date Posted: Mar. 29, 4:54pm, 0 Comments

Hey guys,

Hope all is well after another long week.  I just haven't been able to shake any colds recently and spent all last week sick as a dog, coughing and sputtering around and such.  My sinus cavity had so much pressure in it I actually thought the infection had moved to my jaw because my teeth felt terrible.  However now I'm feeling quite a bit more spry and may actually get back to being a productive member of society even though I know its hard to believe.


I've actually played a touch of poker as well.    It seems things are going to end in a bit of a break even stretch for me.  I did have a real nice winning session but I have been giving it back a little at a time, and can't seem to keep that momentum rolling.  I have did very few silly things, however I did missread a couple situations, however it was more them getting lucky than me getting unlucky in some spots.  However I usually never expect to see hands like Q833 in 3bet pots but there you have it not so much one can do about it there.  I still have confidence in my game however and I believe that someday things will turn around into the plus again. 


Other than that the World Womens Curling finals were held only 90 miles from my place however I was too sick to go so I just had to watch it on tv.  However what a year it was.  There has def. not been a year with so many hot young curling girls in the worlds.  Denmark, Sweden Scotland, Russia all were very attractive, with Sweden and Scotland making it to the playoffs.  Sadly though that will be the closest I will ever get to hearing them yell hard, well I would assume anyways.  Exciting none the less.  Canada ended up in third however which was a slight dissapointment I thought since they were the most skilled and experienced team there.  Scotland got second but probably deserved the win.  They had a skip rock pick late in the game, which is the equivalent of having a TD pass in the superbowl be knocked out of the air by a large bird.  Germany won the gold which I was ok with since they have a couple old girls on their team that won a worlds back in 88.

Well thats about all for now, I'll try to find some interesting pictures, or vids to slide in here, but none have caught my attention yet. 

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Date Posted: Mar. 21, 10:58pm, 1 Comment

Hey guys

Sorry I haven't had my usual biweekly update but I've been busy and the like and a little sick so I just haven't had any good trains of thought lately.  Today I watched my alma mater and University team the University of Saskatchewan Huskies win the mens basketball national championships.  This is actually the first time my team has taken the title and it was sweet for a few reasons.  First off the team had won 16 of the last 17 and was on a twelve game win streak but only ranked fifth in the nation going into nationals even though they defeat the UBC Thunderbirds for the Canada West title who were ranked in the top 3 all season and number one for awhile.  It wasn't hard to see who the best team was however as in all three national games the boys took 20, 12 and 15 point leads into the half.

What also made it better was our point guard Showron Glover who was the leading scorer in the CIS this year who didn't win the player of the year award(which he should have) showed up the guy from UBC who did win big time.  Showron had 27 pts, 9 assists, and 7 steals.  He is a big time player as were all our boys today.  It was also sweet to see my buddy and old roommie from my college days Clint win a Nat. gold with his brother also on the team and their dad Art in attendance win.  They are all great guys and deserve this win. Below is a link to the highlight reel from TSN.



So this got me to thinking how did these guys get there.  Skill alone never can win you a national title.  And this got me thinking as to what else makes champions a topic I wrote on earlier.  Part of being the best is being surrounded by the best.  People who push you to the extreme.  And if you look at any high stakes player they have surrounded themselves by the best on their way up the ranks.  It was well known that Phil Ivey, Daniel N, Mike M and many others used to travel around to tournies and push each other to be better.  This is why me and Zimab get along so well, we are able to push each other but we also try and surround each other with the best possible people and players who can help further our game. 


So I hope this thought spurs you guys on to help surround yourself with the best people you can, and being apart of Poker Curious is a great step.  We have many great players and resources for all of us to take advantage of to help further our games.  Be apart of the forums and get involved.  Even write a blog, it will help keep you honest about what is going on in your game.  All things considered being involved will take you farther than you would ever believe. 

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Date Posted: Mar. 15, 10:05pm, 0 Comments

Hey Guys

Hopefully everyones weekend ended well. Mine went pretty good, we ended up third in our home bonspiel.  Maybe should have did a little better but we played a good game against a tough team to get into the final.  We won our first game in the grand challenge and lost the second which means we lost out one out of the money.  It was a game in which I struggled with different aspects of my game which is always tough.  However I told my skipper so we tried to work with what we had.  However it never is helpful when I am flipping rocks out and making poor judgement calls from the front end of things.  When we need a rock somewhere and its my job to get it there I need to get it there and can't misread the situation at all. 


I did some work on my harley this weekend too.  Spring is around the corner so it is always exciting to get it tuned up and bolt on some new bling bling.  The shinier the better and pretty soon it will be a stand out bike that you will never see another like it.  The chances of me running into the same bike right now are very slim but pretty soon I'm sure plenty of people will be snapping pictures of it left and right at the rallies.  However I did notice one thing and that is there are some definite spots I need to clean up before the first ride.  You never realize how many nooks and crannies there are that the road grime gets until you get down and dirty changing certain parts out.  Oh well it just come with the territory and I guess I deserve it in a way for having some bugs out.  Bugs are creatures of karma on a bike so you have to be a good boy if you don't want to eat a bee in the teeth.  And trust me a be at 90mph feels like a potato.


Business is still business this week.  The snow is slowly going away and it doesn't look like there will be much runoff.  This is showing me that we are going into the year with minimal moisture for sure.  On the bright side though it has been the foggiest spring in a long long time and usualy fog correlates later to late spring early summer moisture.  The last time we had this much fog we got a dump of rain around when we were looking to spray for wild oats in our mustard.  That was really a year saver.  Other than that I've just been taking care of things and making sure everything that needs to be done will be.

Enjoy the above video its technically funny poker content.  


Poker is still pretty much break even for now.  My volume has went way down this month due to all the other work I have been doing but that is ok.  The breaks will be longer and longer the more work I do.  However I like to stay sharp over the summer.  I can always keep up with the forums, videos and blogs.  It is always amazing that without playing you can stay super sharp and come back out swinging with these tools.  As well there are plenty of poker shows on the sat. radio so there is plenty to keep me on track in the field as well.

 Well thats all for now hope everyone is keeping their sticks on the ice.

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Date Posted: Mar. 11, 10:53am, 1 Comment

Well guys it has been a little since my last blog so I guess it is time to catch up.  Things have started to get busier and busier around here and that trend won't stop for awhile now.

I did just get back from going to have my knee looked at.  I drove quite aways to get told something I all ready knew that I in all likelyhood have a pretty bad tear in my meniscus in my right knee.  However they won't just open me up quite yet.  I have to go back in the fall after all my work is done and get it looked at again then they will do surgery which I'm guessing they will.  That does work out well in a way because if I could get my surgery done right in late fall I would have all winter to recoup before spring.


The curling has still been going fairly well.  We won handily last night in our home town bonspiel so we are in the semi finals in the A event so one win away from the Championship game.  The whole team played well last night and it sure showed.  We were making some nice touch shots that are very weight sensitive and our line/sweeping calls were working out well with our communication.  So it should be interesting tonight and hopefully our team comes out fired up.  I was going to add the picture from the last bonspiel we entered but it didn't turn out very good in the paper so I won't add it.


Work is work and just putting in the time and effort.  Right now it is mainly just lots of calling around and getting things settled in different areas, like today I had to order 750 gallons of gasoline.


Poker is poker.  I haven't played too much since I was gone and didn't take my laptop with me for safety reasons.  I played last night though and ended up a little.  Right now I am in a bit of a breakeven stretch and hoping to turn it around.  I would have ended up more but I had to make a tough laydown with the nut flush on a paired board.  However I did get some guys to put in their shortstacks drawing dead with non premium hands.  I have always liked having the nuts with a redraw to the nuts.  Fish never seem to realize the equities in these hands.  Well I guess I'll keep it short and sweet from now and get back on the forums and keeping this blog updated on all the exciting happenings in my life.

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Date Posted: Mar. 9, 6:39am, 1 Comment

Hey Guys

Sorry for no updates.  I got a rush appointment to get my bum knee looked at so I've been away.  Updates when I get back and wish me luck!

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Date Posted: Mar. 1, 6:26pm, 0 Comments

With all the olympic hype going on lately there has been much talk about champions, what they are, and what makes them.  Is it just the inate ability to perform under the greatest pressure and scrutiny.  Is it the way they elevate themselves above and beyond to win at all costs.  Or is it just instinctual reactions that these people have in great situations to make themselves great.  Whatever it is I think we all should take a good look at it and try to apply that mentality to our poker games.


Great players to me never seem to want the trophy at the end of the road all they want to be is the best.  That trophy symbolizes that they are the best and thats what great players want to be shown as is the best.  Thats what I think sometimes seperates champions from the amateurs.  Amateurs get the prize at the end confused.  The trophy isn't the actual goal its what the trophy symbolizes.  In poker people get confused with the trophy and being the best.  The best enjoy the money thats for sure but it isn't the money that drives them.  Its the fact that they can say they are the best.  Thats why all the high stakes guys play each other, the edges are so small and the stakes so great it can only be for one thing.  To be a champ.  Now for most people this is scary, they don't want to have the tough decision, the game winning play in their hands, the click of the button that either makes you a champ or a loser.  I think though its a great mentality to have.  And thats why amateurs don't understand pro plays for the most part.  Its that championship ability that they have to see through the cards.  I think all of us need to work on that aspect of our games and the money be damned.  Making strong plays +ev plays with our reads is the way to go.  Sometimes they won't work out due to poker factors, however the more of them one can make the better we get and the results will follow.  Then in the end we will be able to call ourselves champions.  Thanks for reading my rambling thought.  Posted is a picture from back in my cross country days when I was a champ.




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