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Date Posted: December 17th, 2009 (12:50pm)

well last month i won a conest here and it was for leggopoker    traing site

i have to statrt off by saying my poker ring game has improved quite alot since enjoying their site .although i have come to realize that ring games are dangerous to ur bankroll and the fun of the game and so i  have decided to reamin in tournment poker where i have always been but i used the skills the sites pro have talked about and it has improved my tourny poker by at least 30% i make itm more often i fold  more often to ridiculios bets and survive alot longer beacuse of this prize from POKER CURIOUS   so i would like to thank you ZIMBA

cheers          rob ..aka...dadsrusonline

ps if ya see me playing im trapping someone and laughing about it

Rex55 Added 12/20/09 10:32am
This is great!! Keep up the hard work and positive thinking...both are going to take you very far in the games called 'poker' and 'life' :)
RossG Added 12/17/09 7:42pm
Great post dadsrus, very positive and motivating. Keep up the good work!
dadsrus Added 12/17/09 1:30pm
its true thxs
Zimba Added 12/17/09 1:25pm
Thank you for your kind words. Coming from my time managing CardRunners, nothing pleases me more than seeing players improve their games and results. I really feel strongly that the many good training sites out there that Poker Curious represents are the best way to dramatically improve your game.
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