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Date Posted: November 7th, 2009 (12:29am)

got a question for ya, on ftp  there is an option when ur at the final table that says (discuss deal) can nebody explain this as i get asked alot and always have turned them down.       i might be missing out on a good thing

dadsrus Added 11/30/09 12:50pm this was sent to me thru fulltilt explains it all in case somebody else asks
dadsrus Added 11/29/09 6:11pm
Zimba Added 11/29/09 3:01pm
If everyone agrees, it pauses the action and presents several options for chopping up the remaining prize pool. It's definitely a decent option to consider if it is a luckfest or you have a decent stack but against some tough players.
luckyman365 Added 11/29/09 2:39pm
no idea ;)
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