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Steve Pavilanis, an experienced high stakes poker player in his early 30's who hails from the Midwest, is the author of A Life Less Anxious which deals with how to better handle anxiety and stress. Steve kindly took some time to share his experience and expertise regarding what poker players can do to improve their game, starting with improving their body and mind.
Have you ever wondered what is involved in writing a poker book and setting up your own site to sell and promote it? I recently interviewed Tri 'slowhabit' Nguyen, the co-author with Cole South on Let There Be Range and his own The Pot Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning from NLHE to PLO about poker, writing and his site DailyVariance.
For some, playing poker exclusively is their ultimate dream. But for many of us who love the game but don't aspire to poker's highest levels and the sacrifices necessary to achieve them, we look for ways to apply our life skills and experience to carve out a place in the poker world. A perfect example would be the two person team that brings you Ante Up Magazine and Ante Up PokerCast, Scott Long and Chris Cosenza.
Knowing what your options are and helping you make an informed decision. That is Poker Curious' goal in representing the entire online poker universe. This week we spotlight GrinderSchool , a smaller poker training website specifically geared for newer low stakes players. Not only are they the most affordable monthly subscription site we've reviewed, but all their content is focused on low stakes tourney and cash game play.
The key to a successful poker game is the exploitation of every edge. One of the most profitable - and easiest - edges to exploit is rakeback. Every player has to pay in rake to play online poker, so why not explore your options to receive some of that rake back. This week we take a closer look at one of the industry's most reputable rakeback sites, RakeTheRake.
The best way to create a successful company is to have a good idea, executed well by good people. Certainly that's how our latest spotlighted poker site - DeucesCracked - got its start. "We’re a pretty small team," confides Rob 'Entity' Cole.
Poker Curious presents, describes and rates hundreds of poker websites. We want our visitors to know their options and make informed decisions. But websites are never just a domain name and some HTML code. They are real people with real stories to tell. In this ongoing series of articles, Poker Curious will bring the spotlight onto the human aspect of websites that we cover.

Our first article brings the spotlight on DFP is a poker room on the fast growing Entraction network. Well known U.K. based poker player Dave 'Devil Fish' Ulliot is the ambassador for the site. The management team consists of CEO Paul Barnes, COO Karl Hutson, CFO Andrew Flitcroft and Nic Whelan, the Gaming & Services Manager. They all play poker, a couple of them semi-professionally.
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