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Conceived in February, 2008 and launched in March, 2009, Poker Curious is the ambitious dream of Bill 'Zimba' Seibert.  Desiring to connect the online poker community in a way not done before, Poker Curious aims to promote all worthy aspects of the online poker universe.  As your uniquely complete source for poker information, culture and community, Poker Curious will continue to advance its agenda of informing and connecting players around the world in their shared love of poker.

Bill 'Zimba' Seibert

Perhaps best known from his time as Operations Manager at CardRunners during their early growth years, Zimba is the founder of Poker Curious.  Owner of an international art gallery for 12 years, he has been involved in the world of small business for nearly two decades.  Zimba lives in Oregon City, Oregon with his wife and two kids.  A self-admitted hobbyist poker player, his passions lie in creating the best experience for those who visit Poker Curious.

Kevin P.

Kevin is the programmer who built and maintains Poker Curious.  He lives and works in Maryland.

Mark Marshall

Mark is the Marketing Manager for Poker Curious.  Mark is a long time poker enthusiast who plays live and online regularly and has had good success in his semi-annual Las Vegas tournament trips.  He owns a wholesale packaging products company in the Portland, Oregon area where he lives with his wife and son.

Ross 'RossG' Glacken


Ross is our Business Development Manager.  He has worked in the online poker industry for many years across a range of positions and companies before joining Poker Curious.  He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland.


Dane 'zagnut31' Blanchat


Dane is an admin for Poker Curious.  He is in graduate school for Accounting at Gonzaga.  He lives in Spokane, Washington.  He enjoys college basketball, baseball, golf, working out and of course poker.

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